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Jumbo Tissue Dispenser | Model: NTJ01

Specification Description
Cabinet Stainless Steel #304
Finish Satin
Length of Roll 250–300 metres

This is a jumbo tissue dispenser made of stainless steel. The metallic body makes it powerful and tough for usage. The tissue roll dispenser can hold around 250-300 metres of tissue roll in the container and it gets easier for the user to use the tissue paper. The satin finish of the dispenser gives it a subtle and classy look- not too bright, not too dull.

This jumbo tissue dispenser is generally used in restrooms and helps in maintaining hygiene. It reduces the level of contamination as the roll needs to be slid down for usage and the rest of the roll is kept safe to use by the other person. The product is highly accessible and cost effective as it is reusable and can be refilled as many times.

In high traffic areas, the jumbo tissue dispenser is the best product for drying hands as it can store a big tissue roll, the metallic body of the product is durable, and it promotes a contactless drying experience.



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