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Hand Towel Dispenser | Model: NTP03

Specification Description
Cabinet ABS Plastic
Paper Type C-fold/ M-fold
Capacity 450-600 Tissues

This is a hand towel dispenser capable of storing 350+ tissues in the container. The product is effective in washrooms/restrooms with moderate footfalls and is capable of maintaining hygiene at public places. The cabinet of the product is strong and has a good life.

This hand towel dispenser ensures that the other towels in the container are safe for use as it reduces the risk of contamination to zero. When a hand towel is touched while taking it out of a bundle there are high chances that it may get exposed to viruses/bacterias whereas the placement of tissues in this hand towel dispenser is so perfect that only one tissue gets into contact at one time and the rest others are safe.

The product is suitable for places like shopping malls and public restrooms where traffic is generally moderate. This hand towel dispenser is designed to maintain hygiene in places and reduce wastage of tissue papers.



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