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Air Curtain Commercial | Model: NTAC

Model Dimensions
AIR CURTAIN MODEL: NTAC3 Dimension: 3 ft
AIR CURTAIN MODEL: NTAC4 Dimension: 4 ft
AIR CURTAIN MODEL: NTAC5 Dimension : 5 ft
  • Horizontal air-in centrifugal type air curtain.
  • The sleekest air curtain in the market.
  • All metallic casing – high in fire resistance, compact in over- all construction, convenient in installation, easy for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Reliable designed motor that can run 5000 hours continuously.
  • Single Switch Button to control High/Low Speed that can meet the need of various environments & door heights.
  •  Multiple installation specifications – Body dimensions of 3/4/5 feet.
  •  Variable installation heights 8-10 feet.
  • Centrifugal type forward – Bending blade wheel construction, fitted with efficient Volute design, rending the capacity of the curtain for the best result. This type of wheel is highly efficient, less noisy, with large air volume (maximum air speed reaching 21m/s). High velocity of this air curtain is unmatched by any other air curtain.
  • Over Heating Protection – When motors temperature goes over the temperature (145°C) the power supply will be automatically cut off and when the motors temperature declines (below 145°C) it will start running automatically.
Parameters NTAC3 NTAC4 NTAC5
Dimension(mm): 900x230x212 1200x230x212 1500x230x212
Max. Air Velocity at Nozzle: 21 m/s 21 m/s 21 m/s
Noise Level dB(A) 50-70 dB(A) 50-70 dB(A) 50-70 dB(A)
No. of Blowers 3 4 5
No. of Motors: 2 2 3
No. of Shafts: 1 Single + 1 Double 2 Double 1 Single + 2 Double
Power (W) 410 W 560 W 700 W
Phase: Single Single Single
RPM (Max/Min) 2700/1200 2700/1200 2700/1200
Blower Type ABS ABS ABS
CFM: 825 1100 1380
% Insect/ Dust Rejection 75% 75% 75%
Weight Kgs: 19 22 26

We present the sleekest air curtain in the market. This stylish air curtain comes with an all-metallic casing that is built with high fire resistance.

Through our residential air curtain manufacturers, we highlight this device’s superior qualities such as its reliable design which can run for 5000 hours continuously, single switch button to control high and low speeds, and its horizontal air-centrifugal system. In our air curtain commercial, we also display the product’s compact design which is easy to install, clean and maintain.

In any other air curtain suppliers in bangalore, you may not find all the fascinating features that we offer. They focus on the device’s exteriors rather than product quality and features.

Our device comes with an overheating protection program that automatically cuts off the power supply if the temperature exceeds 145º C.

The motor starts again when the temperature drops below 145º C. This device is a perfect home solution because it disallows any dust particles to enter the home premises, thereby, keeping your home clean and hygienic.


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