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Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser

Automatic perfume dispenser offers you and people around you a pleasant and aromatic experience to enjoy. Automatic perfume dispenser provides aromatic air and keeps the space around you smelling fresh. It can be used in various locations like offices, shops or at homes.

wall mounted air fresheners

Automatic perfume dispenser helps to enrich the feel of the entire space by adding freshness and aroma. Good odor makes the visitor feel revived and pleased on visiting your place. The visitor leaves with a happy and pleased feeling.

Features of an automatic perfume dispenser:

  •  It is well-designed and compact in size
  •  Its elegant design and finish makes it look stylish
  •  It has time adjustable option at intervals of 5, 15, 30 minutes
  •  It operates on battery
  •  It comes with a sensor control
  •  The sensor control can be set for day time, night time or
    overall 24 hours functioning
  •  It is suitable for cleaning the air at public places, rooms and washrooms

Automatic perfume dispenser spreads out fragrance in the air that can eliminate the bad odor by replacing it with a good scent. Bad odor can negatively affect the mood of a person entering the space, while good odor and freshness in a space can make a person feel good and inviting. Bad odor can not only influence a person’s mood but it can also influence the visitor’s perception towards you. A visitor will crib about the place and will never want to pay a visit again.

wall mounted air fresheners
wall mounted air fresheners

Automatic air freshener dispenser functions either by releasing the confined scent every 5-30 minutes as preset by the operator or with the help of a sensor. If the sensor of an automatic air freshener dispenser is tripped, then it automatically releases the scent in the air.

Automatic air freshener dispenser alters and eradicates the inescapable odor that is present in the space. It helps to create a clean and fresh environment that can make a person feel good.

Automatic perfume dispenser or automatic air freshener dispenser refreshes the entire environment around you and rejuvenates your mood as well as your visitor’s mood. The aromatic fragrance also helps to calm and soothe your mind. It can make you feel relaxed and at ease.

How is an automatic air freshener dispenser different from the regular air freshener?

The automatic air freshener dispenser is mounted on the wall and operates automatically under pre-set conditions. It releases the encapsulated aroma in the air at a set time without any manual intervention.

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