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Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine

Menstrual hygiene is one of the basic hygiene needs and plays a vital role in preserving women’s health. Sanitary hygiene disposal machine provides women with immediate access to sanitary napkins anytime during menstrual emergencies. Napkin disposal machine can be easily installed at home, office spaces, railway stations, theaters, airports, universities for improving safe sanitation measures.

Our sanitary napkin disposal machine does not only provide sanitary napkins, but it is also used for other hygiene purposes. You can also use it for holding tissue papers, disposable bags or waste receptacles. It is a comprehensive machine catering to different needs and requirements.


Our sanitary napkin disposal machine is used for multiple functioning and is configured to dispense the product through a reliable motorize mechanism. Our sanitary hygiene disposal machine comes with additional options like toilet paper holder, disposable bag dispenser and waste receptacle.


  • Cabinet: Stainless steel
  • Sanitary Napkin Capacity: 20-25 Pcs
  • Waste Receptacle Capacity: 4.6 Litres, Equipped With Full-length Stainless Steel Piano Flap
  • Disposable Bags Capacity: 50 Bags

A standalone sanitary napkin disposal machine has a capacity of 4.6 Litres and is equipped with an inside steel liner to remove the disposable.

Sanitary napkin disposal machine alleviates the process of finding a sanitary napkin during an emergency. A woman does not have to worry about locating a medical store to get a sanitary napkin to meet an urgent need. Sanitary napkin disposal machine helps women get a sanitary napkin at any time with great ease.

Benefits of using a comprehensive sanitary hygiene disposal machine

  • Sanitary hygiene disposal machine can be easily installed
  • It is compact and convenient to use
  • Using a comprehensive sanitary hygiene disposal machine can save a lot of space
  • It curbs the need of installing different machines for different purposes

Now if you want to pull out a toilet paper, a disposable bag dispenser, a waste receptacle, or a sanitary napkin, you can do it all from one machine.

A sanitary pad disposal machine for home is very important because it allows us to dispose of used pads and trash them safely.