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Tissue Dispenser Box

Tissues are used for a variety of purposes. You can use it to dry your wet hands or dab the spill off your shirt by wetting the tissue or to repair your smudge eyeliner and lipstick. Tissues definitely are used for multiple purposes at multiple locations.

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Types of tissue dispenser boxes

Jumbo roll tissue dispenser comes with polycarbonate ABS Casing and satin finish stainless steel cabinet. Jumbo roll toilet paper dispensers hold 250 meters to 300 meters of tissues.
C Fold tissue dispenser comes with ABS plastic and stainless steel cabinet. The hand tissue dispenser provides a C-fold/M-fold paper type and holds 450 to 600 tissues.
Hand tissue dispenser or toilet paper dispenser comes in different shapes. It can be square or round in shape, both generally enclosed.

Tissue dispenser box allows you to quickly pull a tissue from the dispenser box and use it. It makes your process easier and quicker. You will find that tissue dispenser box is used for various facilities in restaurants, theatres, hotel rooms, universities, offices and others.

Usually, users grab multiple tissues when the tissues are placed in a pile beside a washbasin or on a countertop. With a hand tissue dispenser, users tend to pull fewer tissues than usual.

Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser
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Hand tissue dispensers do not make any noise; hence it is easy to use in areas that are silent zones. It is a great solution in places where the noise of a hand dryer can be challenging to deal with.

Things to keep in mind before making a choice:

When choosing the right kind of hand tissue dispenser or toilet paper dispenser, the user must understand its requirements first. For instance, you can measure the usage of a hand tissue dispenser in your office as compared to a mall. In an office, you know how many employees there are and you can assume their visit to the washroom to be 1-4 times a day, for an average. But in a mall, you cannot assume the footfall to be the same every day. It will vary on weekdays and weekends. Hence, it is essential to understand your requirement before selecting the automatic toilet paper dispenser for your home or for the workplace.

What are the benefits of using hand tissue dispensers?

  • Hand tissue dispensers are easy for loading tissues and it can be easily maintained
  • It is hygienic and quick to use
  • Keeps tissues dry and protects tissues from contamination
  • It can prevent the spread of germs
  • Hand tissue dispensers can function without any power
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Novatech is one of the well-renowned tissue dispenser paper box manufacturers in India.