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Jet Auto Hand Dryer | Model: NTJD01SS

Specification Description
Cabinet Stainless Steel #304
Motor Brush DC Type
Suitable Traffic High
Mounting Wall Mounted
Operation Touch-Free Infrared Activation
Hand Dry Time 7-10 seconds
Auto Cutoff 30 seconds
Noise Level 72 dB(A)
Motor Speed 24,000 RPM
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Rated Power 750 W / 1650 W
Heater Element Hot & Cold Option
Current 7.5 A
Protection Class IPX4
Blowing Volume 170 m³/h
Air Speed 92 m/s
Weight 13 Kg
Colour Stainless Steel Matt Finish
Dimensions  680x270x219 mm

This is a jet hand dryer made of stainless steel. It has a matte finish that makes it a rich and classy gadget. This hand dryer is quite powerful and hence is suitable for high traffic areas/washrooms. Being a jet dryer, it is fast as it dries hands from both sides by putting air pressure.

This jet hand dryer is compact and comes with a wall-mounting feature i.e. it can be placed on a wall and is accessible for use. The space between the panel is good enough for drying the hands without touching and making it a safer hand drying option. Along with hygiene, the hand dryer is also cost-effective as it cuts off automatically after 30 seconds and saves electricity

The product is perfect for premium places where hygiene and classy feel both have an equal weightage. The jet hand dryer is capable of drying hands within 7 seconds without creating any mess near the hand wash area.



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