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High Speed Hand Dryer | Model: NT675AB

Specification Description
Cabinet ABS Plastic
Motor Brush Type
Suitable Traffic Medium
Mounting Wall Mounted
Operation Fully Automatic
Hand Dry Time <15 seconds
Noise Level 75 dB(A)
Motor Speed 18,000 RPM
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Rated Power 1000 W
Current 4.5 A
Blowing Volume 90 m³/h
Air Speed 35 m/s
Dimensions 250x145x130 mm

This is a warm air hand dryer with a fan speed of around 35 m/s making it a high speed hand dryer. It is a fully automated device that captures the hand movement around the sensor to get operational and hence saves electricity without a need of touch. It is safe and convenient for people to use and rescues the flow of germs in a highly-sensitive area like a washroom.

This high speed hand dryer takes less than 15 seconds to dry hands and is highly effective as it releases warm air that evaporates water in no time. The blowing speed of this hand dryer is comparatively high with easy accessibility (Wall-Mounting) making it a perfect product to use after washing hands.

The dryer is perfect for places like offices, hotels, etc where it is effective in terms of cost-saving and utility. This high speed hand dryer is affordable and can certainly be a good investment for maintaining hygiene with low wastage.



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