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Air Curtain Manufacturers

Maintaining a comfortable temperature during the day can be quite a challenge. With ever-changing weathers, in a day we can end up experiencing humidity, rain and sunshine! Finding a normal range of temperature is just not easy. That is why we need air curtains, which will help us maintain a cool and dry environment. Air curtains also help in keeping the dust, dirt, germs, and bacteria outside and protects the user from pollution.

We at Novatech are air curtain manufacturers and suppliers in Bangalore who make high-quality devices. When someone enters a space where our air curtains are operating, they instantly feel at home and comfortable. We design air curtains for installations in multiple places including office buildings, hotels, restaurants, shops, and universities. Our door air curtains come with a high-quality standard casing made in a metal body and stainless steel.


  • Centrifugal type constructed with a forward bending blade wheel, fitted with efficient volute design, rendering the capacity of the curtain for the best result
  • This type of wheel is highly efficient as it is less noisy and allows large air volume with maximum airspeed reaching 21m/s 
  • The risk of overheating is eliminated. The power supply is automatically cut off when the motor temperature rises over 145°C and automatically starts running when the motor temperature is controlled and declines below 145°C
  • The high velocity of this air curtain is unmatched by any other air curtain and protects the motor from overheating
  • It is easy for cleaning and maintenance purposes

Metal casing

We definitely create the sleekest air curtains in the market. All metal compact casing with high fire resistance is convenient for installation purposes. This range of air curtains is designed for various kinds of installations and applications, with 3-5 feet body and installation height varying from 8-10 feet.

Features of metal Door Air Curtains

  • Horizontal air-in centrifugal type air curtain
  • Reliably designed motor that can continuously operate for 5000 hours
  • Single switch button that can easily control high/low speed to meet the needs of various environments and door heights
Air curtain commercial
  • High-quality motor with low noise and overload protection
  • Has a longer life span
  • It is easy for cleaning and maintenance purposes

We can proudly say that we are one of the best commercial and residential air curtain manufacturers in the city. Our devices are designed and manufactured with the best materials and resources in the market. Our door air curtains are great for increasing the overall comfort of those who use the device. This device will cheer up your employees and customers by making them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Stainless steel casing

Air curtain made in a stainless steel body with fire and corrosion resistance is sealed to resist dust from going inside. This range of air curtains is also designed for multiple installations with a 3-6 feet body.

Features of stainless steel air curtains

  • Two switches of speed for high-low airspeed adjustments
  • Centrifugal type constructed with high-quality materials and international standards
  • Blowers are made of high-quality ABS to ensure less noise
Air curtain commercial