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About Us

Novatech is an experienced company and provides automated solutions to some real life problems. As a company, our main focus is to provide high standard quality products with efficient service.

With technological growth and advancements, we intend to pace up with the trends and innovations to offer our customers a convenient and hassle-free experience through our hygiene products.

Novatech presents you a wide range of automated washroom accessories. Our washroom accessories include Hand Dryers, Liquid Soap Dispensers, Sanitizer Dispensers, Tissue Dispensers, Perfume Dispensers, Air Curtains, Automatic Shoe Wraps, Urinal Flushers and many more convenient and useful hygiene products to make your life easier.

With over two decades of experience now, we have successfully managed to continually  innovate and meet the existing essential needs of the consumers with our hygiene products. We are now experts in our domain of automated washroom accessories.


Save Environment

The first thing we engraved in our mission was saving the environment, and for that, we are consistently improving our processes by matching up with all the environment safety standards.

On Site Demonstration

Every client possesses a different set of needs, and to ensure the best deliverables, we believe that site visit can make us understand the requirements in a better way.

Installation of Product

We believe that business is not only selling our products, but also an experience that leaves a mark of satisfaction. Our deal might end with the installation of products, but the relationship goes on forever.



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Core Values

As they say, ‘A company is broadly defined by its core values’. Our core values are highly focused on elevating the customer experience by enriching customer service and support. We ensure that all our employees are working towards the same goals with a commitment to honor the company’s values


We incorporate discipline in our work life to maintain a healthy and satisfying work culture in our organization.


We have a transparent company, and we believe in clear communication, inside and outside the organization.


We appreciate participation from all the members of the company at every level, and we do consider their opinions.


We believe that learning never stops, in fact learning is one constant element for growing. We believe that learning never stops.


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