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Waste chute and waste receptacle is an effective way to dispose of all the trash in a safe manner. Waste chute and waste receptacle helps to maintain a clean and healthy environment in the surrounding.

Waste receptacle
Our waste receptacle is made of stainless steel and is equipped with an inside steel liner, that helps remove the disposable with ease. Our waste receptacle is well-designed having a capacity of 16 litres. Its sleek design gives it a stylish and classy look.

A waste receptacle should be purchased from a good-quality waste receptacle manufacturer. A waste receptacle is one of the most important products needed to keep the environment hygienic and maintain the local sanitation. A waste receptacle should always be simple to access and easy to maintain. Waste receptacle manufacturer ensure that the product is well-designed to not only make it aesthetically pleasing but also safe to use.

A waste receptacle can be placed in offices, restaurants, parks, malls, residential properties, universities and wherever required.

countertop trash chute

Benefits of installing a stainless steel waste chute:

  •  It is easy and comfortable to dispose of all the waste
  •  It keeps the surrounding clean and hygienic
  •  It is a touch-less process
  •  It controls the spreading of germs
  •  It keeps the environment germ-free
  •  The stainless steel waste chute design makes your washbasin area look stylish
Features of stainless steel waste chute:
Outside Diameter: 139m and 160 mm
Inside Diameter: 114 mm and 140mm
Chute Depth: 120 mm
Our circular stainless steel waste chute provides access to waste deposits. This stainless steel waste chute is a well-designed countertop unit that can be installed near the washbasin area in the kitchen or bathrooms. The circular design enables all the trash to flow down to the disposal location quickly and safely. We provide two sizes of stainles ssteel waste chute.
Counter Top Waste Chute