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Fogger Disinfection Machines

Fogger disinfection machine has a loading capacity of 700ml and generates high fog droplets that can spread up to 10 metres.

Fogger disinfection machine is used to control microbial contamination and the fog generated from the machine penetrates deeply into every corner of the room. This product is very effective in disinfecting the surrounding area in less time and causes no harm to any individual.

Fogger disinfection machine contains silver hydrogen peroxide disinfectant that helps to kill or prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms in different places. Silver hydrogen peroxide is a non-toxic and biodegradable substance that breaks down into water and oxygen.

The fogger disinfection machine is easier to use and can be used in different fields. The chemical present in the machine acts as a catalyst for a longer duration. This product is very convenient and can be used in offices, residential complexes, malls, restaurants, hotels, universities and other public places.