Liquid Soap Dispenser

Washing hands frequently is one of the basic hygiene processes that must be followed by all. Constantly cleaning your hands protects you from a large number of bacterias and viruses that you are exposed to on a daily basis and avoids these germs from settling on your hands. Using liquid soap dispenser is a sanitized, germ-free and convenient way to avoid the easy spreading of germs.
Why should you opt for liquid soap dispenser?
  • It is hygienic and can be installed quickly
  • It is extremely simple and easy to use
  • It keeps away the mess from the sink, caused by a traditional soap bar
  • It avoids soap wastage like a traditional soap bar that could easily be dissolved
  • It eradicates the process of germs transferring from one person to the other
  • It eliminates that one common point of contact who could possibly transfer the germs to another

Automatic hand wash dispensers

With advanced technology, now you also have hand wash dispensers available in the market. Hand wash dispensers are built with an automatic operating system and work without touching them. They are touch-less and operate automatically with the infrared sensors. Automatic hand wash dispensers or sensor soap dispenser are built with a technology that can identify the user’s presence and automatically dispenses the soap on the user’s hand. This technology enables the automatic hand wash dispensers to dispense limited soap only.

Manual soap dispenser
These liquid soap dispenser can be mounted in households for various reasons. You can use it near the washbasin, kitchen sink or in bathrooms for dispensing shower gels. Using liquid soap dispenser can also add a touch of glamour and elegance to your home decor, and make your guests feel that you really care about implementing hygienic solutions at home. Novatech liquid soap dispenser provide stainless steel and polycarbonate ABS casing cabinets that come with brass cylinder valve and stainless steel spring valve. The liquid soap dispenser operate with a manual push-type, brass push type and touch-free infrared activation. They are designed for a liquid soap capacity of 400ml to 1000ml and dispense 2ml soap at one use. If you’re looking for a space-saving liquid soap dispenser, then a piston, spout and top cover with a satin finish, made of 304 stainless steel is a suitable option. It can hold 250ml soap capacity.
Traditional soap bars increase the chances of spreading germs, as traditional soap bars are shared by many. Especially in public places, you aren’t aware of other people’s hygiene habits and using soap bars can spread the germs easily. The liquid soap dispenser are perfect for places with large crowds like schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, theatres, etc. Besides public places, these liquid soap dispenser can also be used for household requirements.
stainless steel liquid soap dispenser