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Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser | Model: NTJ02

Specification Description
Cabinet Polycarbonate ABS Casing
Length of Roll 250 – 300 metres

This is a jumbo roll tissue dispenser with a cabinet made of Polycarbonate ABS that gives a powerful structure to the dispenser. It is a mix of strength and heat resistance of polycarbonate and flexibility of ABS making it a more durable structure for use. The body of the dispenser is tough and resistant that makes it the best product of public usage.

This jumbo roll tissue dispenser is capable of storing around 250-300 metres of tissue roll and can be used in moderate to high traffic areas. The structure of the dispenser is designed in such a way that it makes it easy and convenient for the user. It can be placed in restrooms of Shopping Malls, Movie Halls, Offices, and Restaurants etc. for better hygiene.

The product is designed to be accessible for everyone and it reduces the flow of harmful germs in the washroom. Using this jumbo roll tissue dispenser in the washroom can also save the human body by eliminating the risk of contamination.



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