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Shoe Wrap Machine | Model: NTSWM01

Specification Description
Cabinet Aluminium
Operation Manual
Loading Capacity 100 Plastic Covers
Dimensions 470x260x170 mm

Shoes wrap machine is made of an aluminium body and is a great eco-friendly product. It doesn’t work on electricity but through a manual process. This plastic wrap machine has a large opening that makes it easy for any shoe size to slide in the box. The shoe is then covered with the shoe covers without using your hands. This automated process wraps the sides and bottom of the shoe with plastic wrap. Using a plastic wrap machine is an efficient and convenient process to help users wear shoe cover when entering a dirt-free area.

Shoe cover dispenser machine require easy handling and operate on a real low cost. It can be easily loaded with 100 plastic shoe covers at a time. This machine is highly reliable and can be used for a long time because of its high-quality material.

Shoes wrap machine makes it easier for a user to walk into a clean environment without the hassle of removing your shoes or changing to a clean pair of shoes. This product can be used at food factories, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing units, bio-engineering and any type of industry. This product can also be used at homes and offices to prevent the area from any kind of dirt.



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