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Manual Liquid Soap Dispenser | Model: NTS03R

Specification Description
Cabinet Polycarbonate ABS Casing
Operation Manual – Push Type
Suitable Traffic High
Capacity 800ml
Dispensing Volume 2ml

This manual liquid soap dispenser is one of the must-have products for any bathrooms. This product has a loading capacity of 800 ml, making it convenient for the user to not change liquid quite often. It dispenses 2ml liquid smoothly without any hurdle when a user pushes the button.

A manual liquid soap dispenser comes in white colour and is made of polycarbonate ABS casing. Polycarbonate is a tough transparent plastic resin that is made to withstand extremely high and low temperatures.

This is a shock-resistant product that ensures it is highly safe and protective to be used at any place. This product is made of superior quality and has a high resistance to UV rays or oil. The product can thus be easily wiped and cleaned.
A manual liquid soap dispenser is affordable, long-lasting and a great product for different uses at different places. This product is a perfect blend of long durability and lightness.



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