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Jet Hand Dryer | Model: NT800

Specification Description
Cabinet Innovatively designed shock proof cabinet with MRF Vapocure for scratch-free, glossy and durable finish
Motor FHP Motors with double side sealed ball bearings
Suitable Traffic Medium / High
Mounting Wall Mounted
Operation Fully Automatic
Hand Dry Time <30 seconds
Noise Level 50 dB(A)
Motor Speed 2,800 RPM
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Rated Power 1700W
Current 7.7 A
Blowing Volume 160 m³/h
Air Speed 20m/s
Dimensions 305x305x152 mm

This is a warm air hand dryer that is different from jet hand dryers as it evaporates the water residues from the hands in no time. The product cabinet is an innovatively designed shockproof cabinet with MRF Vapocure for a scratch-free, glossy and durable finish. The specifications of the product make it strong and give a longer life.

The basic difference between a jet hand dryer and a warm air dryer is the way it dries the hand. A warm air dryer would dry the hands from a single side but the heat would evaporate the water whereas the jet hand dryer dries the hand by putting air pressure from both sides.

The average hand drying time of NT800 is less than 30 seconds and is suitable for moderate to high traffic areas/washrooms like Airports, Public Washrooms, Bus Stands, Schools, Colleges, etc.



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