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Baby Protection Seat | Model: NTBPS

Equipped with safety belt to secure baby when changing diapers

Specification Description
Cabinet High Quality HDPE
Unit Dimensions 340 mm (W) x 510 mm (H)
Depth (pen)  328 mm 
Maximum Load 20 Kg

Novatech presents the baby changing seat, which comes equipped with a safety belt to secure the baby while changing their diapers. This baby protection seat is highly hygienic as the product is made from stainless steel. The surface can be easily cleaned down without creating a mess in the washroom and will prevent the baby from getting any illnesses.

The dimensions of this baby protection seat are 905 mm in length and 520 mm in height. When the unit is closed, the depth of the product is 104mm and the extension of the device when opened is 495mm. The product can take a maximum load of 25 kgs.

The baby protection seat is straightforward to use, which is why you can easily change the baby’s diaper without any hassles. The baby protection seat is ideal for public washrooms located in malls, retail shops, hospitals and clinics, amusement parks, offices, etc.



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