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Plastic Tissue Dispenser | Model: NTP03R

Specification Description
Cabinet ABS Plastic
Paper Type C-fold/ M-fold
Capacity 450-600 Tissues

This is a plastic tissue dispenser with a capacity of more than 450 tissues in the container. The cabinet is made of ABS plastic that has strong heat resistance, high tensile strength, shock resistance abilities, and scratch resistance. The product is strong, sustainable and safe for use.

This plastic tissue dispenser is suitable for high traffic area washrooms and with the above-mentioned attributes it is clear that it can be used in tough conditions as well. The dispenser can hold C-fold and M-fold tissues and the wall-mounting features make it accessible to everyone using restrooms.

In public washrooms where tissue papers are generally not used properly- this plastic tissue dispenser helps in reducing wastage as it doesn’t contaminate other tissues in the container.



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