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Stainless Steel Tissue Dispenser | Model: NTP01

Specification Description
Cabinet Stainless Steel #304
Finish Satin
Paper Type C-fold/ M-fold
Capacity 450-600 Tissues

This is a stainless steel tissue dispenser with a satin finish that makes it look elegant, not too bright, not too dull. The cabinet is metallic and powerful and is designed with a purpose to make it more sustainable. The dispenser can store 450+ tissues and is generally suitable for high traffic areas.

This stainless steel tissue dispenser is reusable and can be refilled with more tissues. The dispenser is exclusively designed to keep C-fold and M-fold tissues. The dispenser is perfect for places like airports, bus stands, and other public places with high traffic. The dispenser also ensures the least contamination in terms of usage and reduces the flow of harmful germs, viruses, and bacterias after hand wash.

Being made of metal, the stainless steel tissue dispenser owns a good life and is not easily breakable even after multiple uses. The satin finish of the product makes it eye-catching and attracts people to use it- Hygiene Redefined!



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