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Waste Receptacles Commercial | Model: NTWR01

Specification Description
Cabinet Stainless Steel #304
Capacity 16 Litres
Feature Equipped with inside Steel Liner to remove the disposable

Waste receptacle commercial is made of the stainless steel body. This product has a loading capacity of 16 liters and its sleek design makes the product look chic and stylish.
Waste receptacle commercial is equipped with an inside steel liner that enables the user to easily remove the disposable trash. This product requires much less effort on the user’s part to dispose of all the waste collected in the box.
This product is designed innovatively and can be placed anywhere. This product requires minimum space and adds a touch of elegance to space.
Waste receptacle commercial is one of the most effective ways to keep the surrounding clean. This product also helps to preserve hygiene in the area surrounding the container.
This product is a great use at places with large crowds like multiplexes, restaurants, universities, offices or residential complexes. You can place this product inside the restrooms or on the floor lobbies for convenience.


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