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Diaper Changing Table | Model: NTDCS

Equipped with safety belt to secure baby when changing diapers

Specification Description
Cabinet Stainless Steel #304
Unit Dimensions 905 mm (W) x 520 mm (H)
Depth (Closed) 104 mm
Extension (Open) 495 mm
Maximum Load 25 Kg


The diaper changing table is a great addition to bathrooms located in public spaces such as restaurants, spas, hotels, amusement parks, hospitals, clinics, etc. The diaper changing table comes with a safety belt that helps secure the baby while changing their diapers.

This diaper changing table is made out of high-quality HDPE. The unit dimensions of this product are 340mm in length by 510mm in height. The product is 328mm in depth when the station is closed. This exclusive product can take up to a load of 20kgs.

The diaper changing table has a vandal-proof design based on the material used to create this device. It has a long shelf life since it is made out of high-density polycarbonate plastic that gives the product a rigid and durable strength.

The product also helps in maintaining a very hygienic environment while changing the baby’s diaper. Users can keep their hands and washroom germ-free through this device.



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