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Hand Wash Dispenser | Model: NTS05

Specification Description
Cabinet Stainless Steel #304
Operation Manual – Brass Push Type
Suitable Traffic High
Capacity 800 ml/ 1000 ml
Valve Brass Cylinder, Stainless Steel Spring
Dispensing Volume 2 ml

Hand wash dispenser is made of stainless steel cabinet and can be manually operated with a brass push type system. This product has a loading capacity of 800 – 1000ml.
This product is equipped with a brass cylinder and stainless steel spring. A push-in valve can be easily managed with one hand that eliminates effort on the user’s part. The valve can dispense 2ml of liquid soap per push.

Hand wash dispenser is made of high-quality material that makes the push easy without tight clutching, bending or gripping of the wrist. This product can easily be mounted on the wall and the cabinet is specially made to prevent any form of corrosion or dust to settle on the product.
Hand wash dispenser is also used to dispense lotion soaps, synthetic detergents, shower gels, sanitizer, shampoo or conditioners. It can be placed on kitchen countertops, near bathroom washbasins, in the bathroom or next to the sink.



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