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Countertop Garbage Chute | Model: NTCWC02

Specification Description
Cabinet Stainless Steel #304
Outside Diameter 160 mm
Inside Diameter 140 mm
Chute Depth 120 mm
Application Washbasin Area

A countertop garbage chute is made of high-quality stainless steel that makes the product stiff and durable. It is a highly hygienic product that can be installed with ease. Its aesthetic design and high utility make this a great product to use on the countertop near the washbasin area.

A countertop garbage chute makes it convenient to throw all the trash while the user is cooking, and keeps the surface clean and tidy. The size of this product is around 6 inches in diameter and can perfectly fit anywhere.

The edges of this product are smooth, ensuring the safety and protection of the user’s attributes. This makes the product harmless for kids as well and eliminates any possibility of sharp edges that could hurt the kids.

Countertop garbage chute can be cleaned effortlessly and helps to keep the area fresh by preventing the mess around the place. This product can be placed near the washbasin area in restrooms or kitchens. This product can be used in malls, theatres, offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, or any other place.

Easy handling, quick accessibility, and simple maintenance make it a must-have product for any user.



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