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Counter Top Waste Chute | Model: NTCWR01

Specification Description
Cabinet Stainless Steel #304
Outside Diameter 240 mm
Inside Diameter 200 mm
Chute Depth 100 mm
Application Washbasin Area

A countertop waste chute is made of the stainless steel body. The high-quality usage of material ensures complete protection from any form of vandalism.
Countertop waste chute is a clever design with the swivel cover that helps to conceal the trash view after disposal. Its circular design enables all the trash to dispose in the trash can underneath quickly and safely.
Countertop waste chute makes the waste disposal process touch-free and conscious. It eliminates direct touching of the product and thus reduces the risk of spreading germs from one person to another. The top covering prevents the mosquitoes from breeding around in the place and helps to keep the environment clean and germ-free.
Countertop waste chute is a valuable product that makes it easy and extremely comfortable to dispose of all the waste. This product can easily be placed at the countertop and the stainless steel finish makes the space look attractive and modish.


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