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The Cost Effective method for washing hands

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Among all the scarce resources we have on Earth, Trees are one depleting at a higher rate. They are being used everywhere- from furniture production to paper manufacturing. Using it for necessary purposes makes sense, but wasting it doesn’t?

It’s something like water. Water is being wasted purposefully by some people. Using water for drinking and required cleaning is sensible but people are wasting it.

If it continued to be the same, it may come out as a huge cost.

While washing hands, we generally keep the taps open no matter how long it takes. We start with wetting our hands, applying the foam, and then washing the foam. We keep the taps open because it gets easier for us to wash our hands properly, and we don’t want to compromise with the convenience. But Imagine, if you could wash your hands without wasting water. Yes, It is possible. Taps have adopted a really good technology- They are automated now!

Just put your hands under the tap, and water will start flowing out. It will stop as soon as you take your hands off the tap to apply soap or something. The right use of technology can bring sustainable innovations, and that’s what Sensor Taps do. It saves a lot of costs, be it the cost of water as a natural resource or your water bills. 

Now, when you can save water. Why don’t we do some icing on the cake?

By saving the cost of Soap.

When we use soap, we just keep it rubbing in our hands because it’s difficult to calculate the amount of soap necessary to wash our hands. What if we get the optimum amount of soap in our hands while washing. It will save a good cost, right?

That’s what soap dispensers do. A soap dispenser will dispense the right volume of soap, and help you avoid soap wastage. 

Now that your hands are clean, what’s next?

We usually wipe our hands with a paper/cloth towel after washing hands. But do we realize if that’s gonna keep our hands clean? Because cloth towels are not that effective. We gotta sanitize them multiple times to keep them clean. A huge cost concerning time and money. Paper towels come sanitized but not very cost-effective because that can’t be used more than a time.

Here, A Hand dryer is the best thing to use as it doesn’t incur a huge cost, and we don’t need to touch anything to dry our hands.

Problem Solved.

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