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Soap Bars vs Soap Dispensers – Which is better ?

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‘If you don’t wash your hands properly, you will fall ill’ – Every Indian Parent This is one of those statements, we have grown up hearing from our parents, teachers, relatives, and siblings. Makes sense. Because our skin easily gets exposed to germs, microbes, bacteria’s, viruses, etc.  Traditionally, washing hands was somewhere similar to wetting hands with water, and that’s it. But as the time passed by, we saw many changes in hand wash techniques.  Remember the time when we used soap bars to wash our hands. Soap bars are still used by many, but they are not very effective when it comes to usage at a public place. At home, we have our personal grooming material which is safe for usage but most of us spend a part of our day outside home- in school, office, college, or an outing. All these places are mostly crowded, and if we use soap bars here, we touch a thing touched by many others. Not only this, there are many other factors that prove the ineffectiveness of Soap bars:
  1. Cost
  2. Hygiene
  3. Time
Soap bars are not very expensive, but there is no standard for using it. If you pick up a soap bar, and start rubbing it, you don’t know exactly where to stop. So, it creates 2 possibilities- Either your hands won’t get clean, or you will waste the soap. Also, keeping a soap bar safe is a difficult thing because if the bar is wet, it starts diminishing on its own. On the other hand, soap is safe in a dispenser. It dispenses a standard unit that is feasible for a person to wash hands making it a cost effective technique to wash hands. Keeping things open make them contaminated A soap dispenser comes with a layering that protects the soap from getting exposed to microbes, and a soap bar is generally kept open. Also at public places, a soap bar is touched by multiple hands making it unsafe to use. So, if you want your hands to be clean, using soap from a dispenser is the best option. For more details, visit Novatech

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