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Why should we use hand dryers ?

Jet Hand Dryer

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We keep our houses clean, we eat packaged food, we wear washed clothes and many more things to maintain cleanliness. In Fact, our government has come up with multiple policies to keep the environment clean because we should never compromise with hygiene. A little compromise can be dangerous.

We are well aware about washing our hands frequently to maintain cleanliness. However, we still need to figure out the best way to dry hands. There are these few possibilities we can do after a hand wash.

If we keep our hands wet, there are chances that we will create a mess at other places by splashing water drops everywhere. Not a good idea, right? Also, wet hands are more prone to spreading bacteria than the dry hands.

So, keeping hands wet is now out of question.

Now the other 2 methods with the first one being- Drying hands with Paper/Cloth towel.

Most of us use towels to dry our hands, and it’s a good method only if the towel is your personal towel. What if you are out in a shopping mall, you go to the washroom, wash your hands, and find that the cloth towel is used by everyone.

You wouldn’t like to use that towel, right? Because you don’t know how dirty/clean that towel is.

Now imagine that the towel you used was a paper towel/ tissue paper. There are high chances that it is untouched but you need a good number of tissues to dry your hands, but it doesn’t completely dry your hands.

Hand Drying Redefined!
Hand Dryers, since the inception, have been the most hygienic technique of hand drying. Here, you don’t need to touch anything to dry your hands. Just keep your hands under the machine, and see the magic of the hand dryer.
Hand-Dryers are the best thing to place in public places when it comes to cleanliness and personal hygiene.It’s safe, effective, and easy to use technique.
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