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Is it safe to use public washrooms ?

Public Washroom

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We all have a mentality that a public washroom can never be clean. It is true in many cases but not everywhere. We agree to the point that a public washroom is used by multiple people that makes us a little skeptical to use it but we are left with no choice.

Yes, there are many diseases associated with using unhygienic washrooms and we need something that can make it good to use. 

What can be done?

To start with the topic, first we need to make the toilet seat clean. One basic thing we can do is cleaning the seat after we use it but we can’t keep a track on people using it, and not cleaning it. For that, there are seat covers that automatically change after every use. These covers keep the seat clean and good to use.

Once done with using the seat, the next step is washing hands. In most of the public toilets, we find soap bars that are kept open. The major problem with soap bars is that they are touched by many people, and it makes us unsure and uncomfortable to use. 

Here, soap dispensers are the best option available as they can store a good amount of liquid soap, the soap remains safe and untouched, and it can last longer than the soap bars.

Once we are done with washing hands, the next step is wiping/drying hands. There are 2 ways to do it. We can either use towels or tissue papers. Towels again have a problem of cleanliness as it is touched by multiple people and is not recommended at all. 

Tissue papers can be a good alternative to cloth towels because they can be used only once. However, they are clean, sanitized, and good to use. Tissues if kept in a dispenser are even more safe because other tissues are prone to touch in plastic cover.

However, the most cost effective method is ‘Hand Dryers’ as it is economical, involves no touching, clean, hygienic, and time saving. Hand Dryers use limited energy and good results. So, there is no scope of wastage in it.  

If you find a public washroom with all these amenities, you are safe.

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