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Senior-Friendly Bathrooms: Practical Tips and Renovation Ideas

Senior-Friendly Bathrooms

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For senior citizens, even the simplest of tasks like using a bathroom can be tough. Without enough strength and mobility, it is also difficult for them to stand in the shower for long. Fortunately, there has been some major progress in the senior-friendly bathrooms to ensure absolute bathroom safety for elderly. From curbless showers to sprayer attachments, these renovations can assist them to become more independent in the bathroom. So, in this blog, we will discuss the tips to renovate senior-friendly bathrooms and facilitate their comfort. 

Why Ensure Bathroom Safety for Elderly?

Ageing seniors must live in a space where they feel at ease, comfortable, and safe even without assistance. Bathroom renovations for elderly people offer them independence with a facilitative and safer space. They feel flexible and capable of doing things on their own. It is a part of the movement known as “ageing in place” encouraging the utilization of quality design so that people remain in their houses as long as possible. 

7 Handy Tips to Make Bathroom Renovations for Elderly 

Slippery surfaces, lack of support bars, and cluttered floors can compromise the bathroom safety for elderly. With failing eyesight and strength and reduced coordination, they need safer additions in this space. This will allow them to move around easily without the risk of falls and slips. 

  1. Include Wall Support

While planning to remodel the senior-friendly bathroom, you must add one or more bathroom handles for elderly. Install bracing to put handles in place. This aids seniors to stand in the bathroom with adequate support and do not let them fall. 

  1. Enlarge The Bathroom

Bathrooms are usually of smaller sizes and seniors find it difficult to comfortably move around. Thus, you must enlarge the bathroom to confirm bathroom safety for elderly with wheelchairs as well. It also guarantees a universally designed space with insulated pipes under your sink and clean floor space. 

  1. Lift The Height of Toilet Seats

Standing and sitting in the bathroom can be the hardest job for many seniors. While planning bathroom renovations for elderly, a taller toilet seat is suitable for people with painful and stiff joints. Ensure that the toilet paper is easily accessible. In case your house has both seniors and kids, choose automated toilets with adjustable height settings. 

  1. Bid Adieu to Slippery Surfaces

Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous areas of your house and the issue of falling and slipping are more threatening for seniors. Wet tiles or mats can cause some serious damage. To design an elderly friendly bathroom, you must replace dangerous tiles. It might seem costly but is better than paying up the medical bills afterward. 

  1. Get Rid of The Clutter

When it comes to bathroom safety for elderly, cleaning the clutter should be your basic step. We keep several items on bathroom shelves like lotions, toothpaste, shower gels, and medicine. However, you must avoid putting too many items as it raises the chances of things getting knocked to the floor. 

People struggling with stiffness or loss of mobility might find it tough to bend over and pick it up. Or worse, they can even trip on it. Hence, you must clear out the shelves to assure bathroom safety for elderly

  1. Add Walk-In Tubs

Senior citizens cannot easily climb in and out of traditional bathtubs. That is why, it is sensible to get yourself a walk-in bathtub with easily accessible doors. Also, you can combine it with retractable bathroom handles for elderly people. It is easy to exit and enter these tubs with no risks of falling or slipping. 

  1. Eliminate Sharp Edges

In terms of bathroom safety for elderly, you must avoid having sharp edges or corners. Seek out vanities and basins with rounded or smooth edges in durable, strong materials. Products made from easy-to-clean and low maintenance materials are the best for senior citizens. 


Senior citizens have some unique needs and feeling safe in their bathroom is one of them. Accidents are common and therefore, you must do your best to lower the risk by taking the right step in the right direction. It might sound a bit expensive for many, but it is worth every penny of yours. You must partner with a reputed firm for the remodelling project to get a safe bathroom. 

It is smart to put advance planning and some thought into ensuring bathroom safety for elderly. With dirty and wet floors, bathrooms can become a safety hazard. So, you must keep the space well-organized with non-slip mats and easily accessible storage containers. You can also add extra features including a waterproof emergency phone and labelled hot and cold-water bottles. 

As different people have different needs, you must consult with seniors before renovating the bathing space. 

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