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Automatic Toilet Seat Cover | Model: NTSCD-A

Specification Description
Cabinet ABS Plastic
Mode Sensor/Button
Power Electrical (AC 220V, 50 Hz) + Battery

Novatech’s automatic toilet seat cover is an exclusive must-have washroom device. This automatic toilet seat cover is made from ABS plastic which helps in keeping the product easily cleanable and hygienic.

The Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser is a new technology specially designed to give the bathroom users to sit on clean and sanitary seats every time they use it.
The hands-free system of the toilet seat cover dispenser responds automatically when someone waves in front of the wall-mounted sensor above the toilet. The sanitized cover takes its place from the other side and you never have to touch the covers of the toilet seat itself.

The automatic toilet seat cover can be powered through AC 220V, 50Hz, or battery. The seat cover is a highly accessible washroom device that can be used by anyone with ease. The ABS plastic gives the product long shelf life and durability. It can also be installed easily in any washroom due to its compact size.

This automatic toilet seat cover can be used in private and well as public washrooms. The device is beneficial in public washrooms that have high engagement and use throughout the day. They are suitable for restrooms in malls, retail shops, offices, libraries, schools, halls and auditoriums, hotel lobbies, etc.



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