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Modern Bathroom Makeover: Taps, Designs, and More

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Whether you live in a huge mansion or a cute little house, luxury is not limited to space. When it comes to grooming the home, why not start with that one place where we all groom ourselves? Yes, the bathroom. Modern bathroom designs do not just include extravagant stuff like a beautiful bathtub but it involves making small but impactful changes.

This will make something as usual as brushing the teeth feel like an amazing experience. With just the right number of modern elements, you can turn this space into a luxury modern bathroom. This blog will explore makeover ideas for your bathroom taps, doors, mirrors, and a lot more. 

7 Modern Bathroom Designs to Elevate Your Bathing Experience

The bathroom is the most refreshing and relaxing room in your home. However, our constant usage leaves it vulnerable to wear and tear. Issues like cracked basins, leaky taps, and moldy walls start appearing and bring down the overall look of a bathroom. That is why, you must include stylish and useful modern bathroom designs for their long lifespan. 

  1. Choose A Glass Shower Door

In case you are designing a small bathroom from scratch, you must remove the curtain completely. In terms of the modern bathroom door design, glass shower doors are a major hit in tiny bathrooms. This helps open the bathing space. 

  1. Include The Bathtub

The bathtub is a smart and great aesthetic inclusion with many health benefits. It assists in lowering stress and enhances blood circulation by letting you unwind after a tiring day. You can also remodel it as per the modern bathroom designs to fit your style or theme. Before buying it, keep in mind the size of your tub and bathroom, the shape and color of the bathtub, extra features, and price. 

  1. Get Stylish Faucets

Replace your traditional and old faucets with luxurious and modern bathroom taps. They come in brass, chrome, and gold finishes. Nowadays, fixtures with fitted sensors are trending as they are more hygienic than conventional faucets.

  1. Pick Marble for Shower Walls

A large shower with pastel marble tiles is a minimal and modern way to make your bathroom look lush. It is among the most loved modern bathroom designs because marble has always been associated with luxury. Additionally, you can include an open shelving and a built-in bench in the same material.

  1. Add Pebbles 

This is particularly true for people wanting a luxury modern bathroom without a lavish budget or total renovation. You can get an eye-catching space on a tight budget too. Just add some pebbles under the bathtub or the vanity. This tiny addition will change the overall look of your bathroom. It is the best way to spend less and get more!

  1. Go Natural 

Natural materials and surfaces are a must-have. When you talk about modern bathroom designs, wooden washstands, platforms, or floors are unavoidable. Natural stone floors or tiles warm your feet, appeal to the senses, and look good. A wood finish with marble or concrete or wood effects combined with a concrete look is also trendy. You may mix stone with old wood as well. 

  1. Use Rich Colors

Do you want to apply modern bathroom designs to your small bathroom but are afraid of a cramped look? Embrace vibrant and bold shades like magenta or deep blues and make the space more inviting with a modern appeal. Begin by crafting accent walls with designs in contrasting colors. Think of floral designs or chevron stripes to make the room feel bigger. You may even include some precise color pops all over the space with artwork, towels, and other accessories. 

Do’s And Don’ts for A Luxury Modern Bathroom Renovation

  • Design your bathroom while keeping future requirements in mind. 
  • Do not rush the timeline to implement the modern bathroom designs and take your time to complete the project. 
  • Begin with a well-thought-out plan and stick to it. 
  • Never compromise on the quality of your materials. 
  • Always remember to set aside an additional budget for unpredictable emergencies. 
  • Keep storage in mind as well while designing a modern and sleek bathroom. 
  • Pick adequate bathroom surfaces or floors as they are prone to a lot of wear and tear. 


Bathroom renovation might sound like a tiny thing to do but if you want the best results, you must brainstorm and search out for all the available ideas. You can add premiumness to it with reliable and modern bathroom items in a range of designs and styles. Picking the right ideas and designs is essential to the revamping process and so is the proper use of money. 

Play with lights, add colorful carpets or mats, and use several types of wall designs and tiles. Implement the appropriate modern bathroom designs and transform the space into a relaxing yet stylish spot.

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