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Urinal Flush Sensor | Model: NTU01

Specification Description
Voltage 220 V/ 50 Hz
Power Consumption <2W
Mounting Flush mount, concealed with pressure regulator
Battery 4 AA Duracell/ Alkaline Battery
Water Pressure 0.05 Mpa- 0.7 Mpa
Detection zone 60 cm
Ambient Temperature 0.1 – 45°C
Degree of protection IP 56
Dimensions 128×128 mm

Available in AC & DC

The urinal flush sensor is a great device that promotes the elimination of cross-contamination in bathrooms. The handles on most urinals have a high concentration of germs, bacteria’s, and viruses on its surface. These infectious germs can spread from user to user if the area is not sanitised regularly.

This urinal flush sensor is the right solution for this issue. This device requires power consumption of <2W and 220 V/ 50 Hz in voltage. It is flush mounted and has a concealed pressure regulator.

The infrared sensor toilet auto flush requires 4 AA Duracell or Alkaline Batteries operation. The dimensions of this automatic urinal flushing system are 128×128 mm. The device has a detection zone of 60cms which releases water in the pressure range of 0.05 Mpa – 0.7 Mpa. The urinal flush sensor also has IP 56 degree of protection and an ambient temperature range of 0.1 – 45°C.

This device is suitable for a wide range of public toilets such as in hotels, restaurants, schools, etc., where there is usually high traffic of people.



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