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Magnifying Mirror Bathroom | Model: NTM01

Specification Description
Side Dual side
Diameter 9’’

This magnifying mirror bathroom shows the enlarged image of the user. This product is very easy to use and can be installed in private washrooms for personal uses. It can also be installed in public restrooms; for example, they can be installed in hotel rooms, restaurants, spas, etc.

These magnifying mirror bathroom are beneficial for pore correction and shaving. With the help of this device, the user can attain a clean shave without hurting themselves.

This magnifying mirror bathroom provides high accuracy for every use. The user can easily apply their makeup with the help of this product.

This magnifying mirror bathroom also comes with dual side mirrors so that the user can choose which is the right mirror according to their needs.

The mirror can be adjusted by manoeuvring the bar in this magnifying mirror bathroom.

This product has a total diameter of 9 inches, which is adequate space for the user to shave their face or apply makeup.



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