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Hand Dryer Stainless Steel | Model: NT960SS

Specification Description
Cabinet Stainless Steel #304
Motor Brush Type
Suitable Traffic Medium
Mounting Wall Mounted
Operation Touch-Free Infrared Activation
Hand Dry Time <20 seconds
Noise Level 40 dB(A)
Motor Speed 9,000 RPM
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Rated Power 2100 W
Current 9.5 A
Blowing Volume 240 m³/s
Air Speed 30 m/s
Dimensions 235x200x245 mm

This is an automated stainless steel hand dryer that is powerful, elegant and safer in terms of hygiene. The dryer consists of a Brush-Type motor that is fast enough to dry the hands in less than 20 seconds. The dryer produces less sound and can be fixed on the wall which makes it suitable for moderate to high traffic areas/washrooms.

The dryer lets you dry your hands by evaporating water from the hands without touching any surface. It makes hand-washing an experience and also adds to the elegance of the washroom. This stainless steel hand dryer gives a classy and rich feel that comes at very cost-effective pricing.

Being a powerful stainless steel hand dryer, this product is a perfect fit for theatres, shopping complexes, and other similar places where footfalls are generally moderate to high. It gives a different experience to people visiting such places by adding an element of satisfaction and safety



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