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Little Touches that Make a Big Difference in Corporate Bathrooms

Corporate Bathroom

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Just like terrible hotel bathrooms can destroy your travel experience, the same goes for corporate bathrooms ruining the office tenure. Believe it or not, people expect unique office bathroom designs like the ones found in hotels, airport lounges, and restaurants. A modern-looking bathroom makes them feel like they are in a clean, relaxing, and high-end space.

Fortunately, there are some powerful and small things that you can do to refine your office bathroom. From bathroom accents to appliances, you can include these basics in several areas in the commercial space.

How Office Bathroom Designs Can Elevate Your Workplace Experience

Workplace bathroom décor deserves special attention with comfortable and highly functional spaces. Moreover, office bathroom designs help revolutionize the area into a welcoming and cozy environment. After all, it speaks volumes about the office and its standards.

1. Include Automatic Hand Drying Machines

Not everyone with wet hands might be carrying a handkerchief. In that case, automated hand-drying machines are a must. It assists in drying your hands and the warm air gives a cozy feeling.

Also, another hygienic option is disposable towels. If used, ensure daily change, and thoroughly wash the basic cloth napkin.

2. Change Your Light Bulbs

Ditch the dim lighting or fluorescent lights to choose low-lighting solutions and amplify the office bathroom designs. Consider different lighting layers to intensify it and ensure correct color rendition. This holds more significance for women as they usually do makeup in the office bathroom and good lighting can influence their makeup decisions.

3. Adopt a Pastel Color Scheme

Design a homely modern bathroom with a pastel color scheme. Go for common combinations like black and white to make it look contemporary and clean.

You may include black flooring or black slate tile, white walls, or stainless, gray, or black steel partitions. Picking a whiter and brighter look is among the best office bathroom designs for making the small space feel bigger.

4. Try Minimalist Furnishings

Simplicity is a relevant aspect of impressive corporate bathroom décor. Select some furniture and elements with clean lines to make comfortable and functional spaces. Keep the bathroom clean and create enough space for easy storage of elements. Shelves are preferred to store toiletries or you can also pick a space-saving vanity.

5. Get Unique Signages

Signages are an impressive décor factor in workspace bathrooms. In this case, some of the most impressive office bathroom designs are hygiene reminders and directional signs. Furthermore, you can also add humorous signs and inspirational quotes.

6. Buy Air Fresheners

An attractive fragrance is undeniably pleasing to the visitors. You must use restroom fresheners, air fresheners, and odor absorbers to avoid the usual odor related to a messy restroom.

Currently, there are automatic fragrance sprinklers to spray fragrance at specific intervals via the air conditioners. The aroma of flowers, nature, and fresh fruits are a few common ones offering a fresh feel to the bathroom.

7. Play With Patterns and Color

Bathrooms should not feel industrial and bleak. So, you may paint walls with unique patterns or accent colors to enliven the office bathroom. If you want, add wallpapers but be cautious of the colors as they hugely affect your emotions and mood. Please note that light colors enhance the visibility of dirt.

8. Create Sleek Lines

Organic shapes and curves look pretty in classic or nature-inspired styles but keep it smooth and straight for office bathroom designs. Adopt these shapes in your bathroom accents with rectangular, full-wall, or square mirrors, square faucets, or straight door handles and pulls.

Various commercial bathroom features, like the partitions, include sleek lines. These types of office bathroom designs make the inspiration and foundation for a contemporary corporate bathroom.

9. Add Plants

Give a natural and fresh vibe to your restroom with plants. Some innovative ways to include nature in the office bathroom are vertical gardens, potted plants, succulents, and air-purifying plants. Also, you can add hanging plants or cacti. Use hanging planters from the walls or ceiling to generate a cascading impact.

10. Keep Sanitizer and Hand Soap

The COVID-19 pandemic has enhanced the importance of clean and sanitized hands. Provide hand soap at the basins so people can wash their hands after using the bathroom. To maintain the aesthetic of office bathroom designs, install the liquid soap dispenser. Place hand sanitizers conveniently along with the dispensers to sustain the employees’ hygiene.

11. Attach Unique Elements

Contemporary office bathroom designs do not have to be cold or sterile. Include a magnificent statement piece or some special accents to offer some character to the modern aesthetic design. Pick something that shows the business or elements like a statement sink, sculptural faucet, or dramatic mirror. Additionally, you can mix qualities of other styles with the contemporary bathroom for a special design.

Tips To Keep Corporate Bathrooms Clean and Impressive

Corporate bathrooms must reflect your firm’s values. It can enhance productivity and efficiency for employees. That is why, pay heed to them and you will improve your efficacy. Spectacular simplicity forms the basis of contemporary interior design.

  • Use the latest equipment and technologies for your office bathroom.
  • Keep the restrooms well-stocked.
  • Ensure cleaning at regular intervals.
  • Get a basket filled with feminine hygiene items for women’s restrooms.
  • Have cups and mouthwash available.
  • Provide tissue paper.
  • If it suits you, install speakers and play white noise or nature sounds.


Wish to keep the business updated and impress the guests with the latest trends? Then, you must know how to create a contemporary corporate bathroom. From small accents to structural components, every detail can help convert it into a state-of-the-art and fresh space. Remember that every trend has some central aspects making it recognizable.

There is no denying the fact that office bathroom designs have become the latest focus. As it is also for visitors and clients, spaces should be aesthetic, comfy, and practical. Taking care of the workspace bathroom implies your care about the smallest details.

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