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Difference Between Hair Dryer and Blow Dryer [Explained in Detail]

Difference Between Hair Dryer and Blow Dryer

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Women’s fashion has always been a shining spot in any society and culture. They take great care in curating their fashion right from the look and functionality of the wardrobe to the ultimatum that is their make-up and hairstyles. 

Everything is essential, they all are the elements of style that enhance the appeal.

How could technology and advancement not enter to make this beautification process better? 

Is Hair Dryer and Blow Dryer the same?

Hair dryers and blow dryers are those innovative devices that have perfectly evolved to suit fashion needs. Because they sound similar and have similar looks, they are sometimes confused to be the same thing. But they are not. The differences are few, and they are significant.

If the doubt has made it to your mind and you’re wondering what could be the differences between a hair dryer and a blow dryer? We’re here to give you answers and clear your doubts.

The Idea Behind the Hair Dryer

Hairdryers, as the name makes it obvious, are used to improve and style women’s hair. They are primarily used to dry hair after a shower. You can use it to style your hair to bring out more volume in it.

When we look into the hair dryer’s interesting backstory, we now know that it was first brought to public notice during the 19th century at a French salon.

Knowing how fashionable and cultured the French are, it is no surprise that such a device comes out of France.

The modern hair dryer comes in many designs with the inclusion of many smart features. It still uses electricity to power its motors. 

The temperature of it can be easily changed according to your requirements. You can choose the one that suits you out of the many varieties available.

Why are Blow Dryers used?

Blow dryers have a diversified role to play. They are specifically not meant to dry hair, but they can be comfortably used to dry other parts of the body as well. The ceramic heater that is easily fitted inside it gives out the hot air.

Another feature that makes them versatile devices is them blowing cold air. Depending on your requirements you can use these devices as you wish.

You only need to be careful when you decide to use them for your hair. Bringing them too close to your scalp may damage the roots of your hair. You also need to be careful not to towel dry your hair before actually using the blow dryer.

Difference Between Hair Dryers and Blow Dryers

The early hair dryers were large enough to fit a person’s head. Fortunately, the design choices have evolved over the years. 

They have been remodeled and have been included with modern technology. They are now so compact and convenient that you can easily dry your hair even when you are in a hurry.

But before you use the blow dryer for the same purpose, you need to get rid of tangles with a comb or brush. Blow dryers are great for achieving good volume, you can have a hairstyle that lasts for long.

Blow dryers are designed to be used on your other body parts, but they can be great for your hair too. 

When you want something specific for your hair, then using a hairdryer is the best option, as they are intentionally designed to make you achieve your hairstyle goals.

There is also a considerable difference between the two devices when it comes to temperature. Blow dryers are known to blow out air that is concentrated. Therefore the temperature of the hairdryer is relatively less.

The Hair Dryers rely on electricity and steam to generate warm air. But the same is not true for blow dryers. The blow dryer can’t be particularly called an electric device. 

Without going for more definitive explanations, we can simply say that the dryer that is not electric can also be called a blow dryer.

We can simply define a hairdryer as an electric dryer that produces hot air, and whose temperature can be changed.

If your knowledge of dryers has turned solid and if you want your hair to look spectacularly aesthetic, Novatech has the perfect hair dryers for you. 

They have a sleek and minimalistic design and you can comfortably make them your hairstyling partner. Having great hair is the best way to elevate your good looks.  

Does Hairdryer damage your hair?

Not necessarily. According to the earlier 2011 study “Effects of heat treatment on hair structure“, heat damage is usually seen on the hair cuticles rather than within the fibers (i.e., the cortex and medulla). You can take your cuticles as the first line of defense against heat exposure from blow-drying hair. In which case, healthy cuticles mean your mane is less likely to suffer from blow-drying. But there’s a limit to the protective powers of your cuticles.

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