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Are Electric Hand Dryers Hygienic? Everything You Need to Know

Are electric hand dryers hygienic

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When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, there was a lot of circulation of misinformation. Information has absolute credibility only when it comes out of reputed health organizations like WHO. 

Drying hands is very essential after washing them thoroughly with soap. You can effectively dry them under a warm hand dryer. 

It’s advisable to avoid recently used paper towels, the moisture present there is a breeding ground for bacteria. 

The World Health Organisation has clearly stated that to protect yourself from the coronavirus your hands should be frequently cleaned with an alcohol-based hand rub, or with soap. After cleaning they should be thoroughly dried using fresh paper towels or a warm air dryer.

Are Hand Dryers Hygienic?

Over the years electric hand dryers have become reliable devices that promote better health and hygiene. 

A very well-known independent microbiologist Dr. David L Webber has confirmed that using hand dryers in the washroom does not spread the deadly virus responsible for the pandemic.

Institutions and businesses all over the world have collectively attempted to take necessary measures to make the workplaces and other public spaces safe environments. 

Regularly cleaning the workplace, and specifically taking extra measures in sanitizing the facilities were sincerely carried out to reduce cross-contamination. Hand drying arrangement was also a very essential part of creating hygienic surroundings.

Experts also claim that the majority of the consumers form their opinion after reading sensationalized news reports and come to problematic conclusions. 

Due to such headlines popping up constantly, it has already been firmly placed in the public conscience that hand dryers are unsanitary. If you carefully read between the lines, you can see the language usually used by paper towel manufacturers.

It’s time we relook how hygienic the paper towels are. Many independent studies carried out on the topic have found out that surprisingly the paper towels and their dispensers harbour a vast amount of bacteria and harmful pathogens.

Fair Comparison between Paper Towels and Hand Dryers

This section of the blog focuses on how skewed the public perception is on hand dryers. Here are a few important points that can be highlighted:

Due to advancements in delivery and ease of access, hand dryers now are significantly cheaper. In comparison with the yearly costs of paper towels, hand dryers fare far better. 

Maintaining hand hygiene is effective when the handwashing process fulfils its intention, to remove germs. This happens when the hands are completely dry before they touch other objects. The drying method that makes this possible is with hand dryers.

We don’t need an expert opinion to estimate in our mind how paper towels are the least environmentally friendly. 

They can only be environmentally friendly when they are regularly recycled. This happens minimally throughout the world. 

To produce them there is a massive amount of carbon required. When they are used they mostly end up in a landfill.

In defence of the hand dryers, we can say with conviction that without proper maintenance and cleaning, they too will invariably carry layers of dirt along with germs on the surface. 

Only a good cleaning regime is the hope to reduce any kind of contamination. Even the hand dryers need to be properly cleaned and disinfected.

Experience beyond Functionality

We have built a pretty solid case about how hand dryers could also be a medium to hygienically dry your hands, let’s now look at the other aspects that make them stand out and attractive. 

These devices are technologically advanced that particularly enhance the user experience. 

They are designed to elevate the appeal of your washroom. If your business or institution carries a level of reputation, then you ought to have washroom accessories that are sleek and stylish to compliment the perception of your brand. 

There can be no credible doubt when it comes to how easy and quick the hand drying process is with automatic dryers. 

They have been included with the latest tech like smart sensors that detect the movement and blow the warm air. They can be easily installed, with proper maintenance and care they also prove to be durable for years.

Overall the hand dryers are very useful and compact devices that are perfectly suited for our modern times. Their technology and efficiency make for a better solution for the hygienic practice of drying hands. 

If you’re interested in promoting better hygiene in your place with hand dryers, Novatech has selected varieties that come in a sleek, minimalist look with quick, efficient functionality. They are your answer for the most effective way of drying hands. 

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