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Why are Concave Mirrors Used as Shaving Mirrors?

Mirrors are of various types depending on their functionalities, like a framed mirror, basic mirrors or a concave mirror as a shaving mirror. 

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Imagining a washroom without a mirror is next to impossible. Mirrors are one of the essential washroom accessories, as they elevate both the appearance and the functionality of your washroom. 

Mirrors complete the room, providing the space with a sensation, mainly used for reflecting the user’s appearance. 

Mirrors serve the purpose of applying make-up, combing your hair, shaving, or even washing your face. 

Mirrors are of various types depending on their functionalities, like a framed mirror, basic mirrors or a concave mirror as a shaving mirror. 

This article will provide you with insights decorating your washroom with correct mirrors and the importance of concave mirrors as a shaving mirror

Types of washroom mirrors

  1. Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors are one of the basic types of mirrors found in the washroom. Framed mirrors possess a wide array of styles and magnificence. 

Framed mirrors have elevated the style of your washroom. Framed mirrors offer a wide variety of designs and aesthetics, from simple to ornate. 

  1. Cabinet Mirrors

Cabinet mirrors are multi-purpose mirrors attached with cabinets and may have a handle to open the cabinets. 

Cabinet mirrors make your washroom more spacious by providing you with both the space for storage and the utility of the mirror. One can store washroom essentials like products, medicines and more in the cabinets.

  1. Ledge Mirrors

Ledge mirrors, also known as shadow boxes, have attached ledges that have space for placing washroom products. 

Ledge mirrors increase the utility level of the washroom by being two in one, a mirror to use and a space to store. 

  1. Full-length Mirrors

Full-length mirrors are one of the most required washroom mirrors. One can incorporate a full-length mirror into one’s bathroom as part of the shower door or bathroom door. 

Full-length mirrors not only help in providing you with your head-to-toe reflection but also create the illusion of more space. 

  1. Vanity Mirrors

Vanity mirrors, also known as shaving mirrors, concave mirrors, or magnifying mirrors, are one of the necessary considerations while deciding on mirrors for the washroom. 

As concave mirrors reflect an enlarged image of the face, they are majorly used for shaving and make-up purposes. Concave mirrors enhance the functionality of your washroom.

Concave Mirrors

Concave mirrors have many other names derived from the purpose fulfilled by the concave mirror. Some names of concave mirrors are shaving mirrors, vanity mirrors or magnifying mirrors.

What is a concave mirror? 

A concave mirror is bent inwards in the center to create an image with more focus and enlargement. 

When you try to look in the concave mirror, your face is put between a focus and the concave mirror, reflecting a magnified image. 

For your face, a concave mirror can even reflect the pores and hair follicles on your skin.

How does a concave mirror works? 

A concave mirror follows the law of reflection the light hits the curve in the middle of the mirror’s surface, an angle (called an incident angle). 

Based on where the light hits the mirror, the mirror can emphasize the light and create a magnifying image. 

Use of Concave Mirror

The concave mirror enlarges the reflection of the user helping the user to clearly view a specific area of one’s face. 

Concave mirrors are an easy-to-use product that increases the functionality of the washroom altogether. 

Concave Mirror as shaving mirror

A concave mirror enlarges the reflection, helping the user to closely view its pores. This allows the user to practice pore correction and shaving. 

With a concave mirror as a shaving mirror, the user can attain a clean shave without the risk of hurting oneself.

  1. Concave Mirror as vanity mirror: 

A concave mirror helps in maintaining accuracy while applying make-up by enlarging the user’s reflection. 

The concave mirror magnifies the image of the user. It enables the user to see pores of the skin, making it easy for the user to apply the make-up evenly. 

The concave mirror as a vanity mirror helps you in creating the perfect look for any event. 

Concave mirrors are one of the essential washroom accessories that helps you in carrying out your daily tasks like shaving and getting ready with ease. 

Concave mirrors contribute to maintaining the user’s facial appearance by providing you with a very detailed and magnified version of your face. 


A mirror is a significant washroom accessory, contributing to both the utility and the aesthetic of your washroom. 

The washroom mirrors provide the user with an experience consolidating from a preferred decor to the potential for a mirror to store your bathroom toiletries. 

A mirror is an ultimate washroom accessory that holds an essential spot in the list of washroom accessories. 

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