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6 Bathroom Design Ideas To Make It More Attractive

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We often visit homes, hotels, restaurants and other spaces where we learn a few things about the decor, accessorising and most of all how we can add these decor inspirations to your own spaces. However, all these spaces have their own personalised touch which we cannot apply in our decor process. Especially the bathroom design ideas in these places are reasoning with their values and personalities. For example: A restaurant with a vintage theme will have a bathroom on the same lines. A hotel with a luxurious appeal, would design their bathrooms as per the ambience of their overall space. 

Hence, when you think about your space, whatever comes into your mind depicts so because of your personal tastes. Therefore, it is compulsory to have it designed and decorated your way. With this amalgamation, you still need to start off with some basic things, for which we’re going to help you with.

Bathroom Design Ideas:

When it comes to bathroom design ideas, we can come up with many things altogether, yet to go on a more subtle and classy path, take some bathroom inspiration from below.

1. The Mirror Technique:

Your bathroom speaks volumes when you have the right kinds of decor. With a vintage mirror on the wall, you can give your bathroom an upkeep look in more ways than one. A mirror enhances the overall look and feel of the sace. It makes it more classy & personalised. The bathroom looks more inviting with a perfect mirror. So, use the mirror technique to make your bathroom look more appealing.

bathroom design ideas

2. Curtains & Blinds:

With curtains in the bathroom, there’s a calm and serenity that keeps people relaxed. Curtains or blinds with colours, patterns and mix and match of both will give your bathroom a royal look, which will give the person privacy that is expected in a bathroom. It helps in many ways psychologically, reducing stress and giving a homely feeling. So next time you’re thinking about redecorating, don’t forget some curtains for your bathroom.

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3. One Wall Says It All:

There’s always that one side in any space that becomes your favorite for some reason. Most of the time the reason is the wall. For bathroom remodel ideas, look for wall decor as well. You can have one wall dedicated to a different kind of painted pattern in contrast to the rest of the bathroom. It makes the space look bigger and highlights the best parts of the space as well.

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4. Say It With Some Art:

Be it any space in the house, restaurant, hotel or a public place, some art showcases go a long way. Art gives the place a meaning and depth. When people visit the space, they note that this place , and the person it belongs to has some exquisite way of presenting themselves in their decor. Hence, when you put one wall as the highlighted patterned one, put another one as a simplistic and more easy on the eyes with some paintings or wall hangings.

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5. Match The Palette:

When you choose washroom accessories, choose the colours carefully. Don’t choose overly contrasting colours. With subtle pastel colours, choose dark shades of pastel coloured towels or rugs. This will give your bathroom an organised look and it will get easier to choose accessories in the future as well. The colours in the bathroom depicts the personality of the owner. It’s best to choose from the right set of palette and keep it minimalistic.

bathroom design ideas

6. Flora Land:

The best thing that makes your bathroom stand out and look lively are the indoor plants. They provide fragrance, freshness & the space looks more inviting with them.

bathroom design ideas

With the right kind out plants, your bathroom will look more beautiful, relaxing and welcoming. Bathrooms are the space to feel more relaxed and stress free and plants can help with the process. Their psychological effects are extremely beneficial and it helps with your overall well being.

Accessories For Bathroom Inspiration

Washroom accessories add style and function to a bathroom space. They give it a minimalistic look with a hint of contrast. So while you’re decorating your bathroom, keep in mind the accessories that can go with it.

1. Stylish taps:

Taps make a bathroom look more sophisticated and classy. Choosing the right taps for your bathroom that inclines with your overall ambience will give it an edgy yet organised look. It makes it look more clean and appeals to the eyes as well.

2. Rugs:

When it comes to bathroom floors, tiles aren’t enough. Simplistic tiles and flooring need a contrasting rug for two main reasons: First, it keeps the area cleaner and moist free and second, it gives it a luxurious look altogether.

3. Lights:

With the right kind of lights, all the accessories, decor and colours, get their best displays. A wrong light can take away the most important details of the bathroom decor. Choose the lights that don’t steal the ambience, but enhance it to the next level.

4. Shelves:

Shelves help the place look more organised and neat. Choosing the shelves that go with the colours, style and overall look of the bathroom will help you embrace the look even better. Shelves with doors or without, they need to be kept in such a way, that the things don’t get in the way of grooming but make it easier instead.

5. Trays:

The unconventional ways to accessorize your bathroom is to use trays more often. Trays give more inviting appeal to a guest. A tray with a small flower pot, few hand oils, miniature perfumes and hand towels will give your bathroom a lavish look and your guests would feel more welcomed.


With the above bathroom remodel ideas, you can give your bathroom space a makeover of a kind. Feel free to dwell into more things, but here’s where you can start. And next time when you visit a bathroom space, look for more ideas and come up with a few of your own. It is your space and it should look as you prefer it to be like.  Happy decorating.

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