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13 Modern Bathroom Designs to Turn Your Bath Into a Retreat

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An elegant bathroom speaks volumes about you and your entire house. According to a study, 182 hours per year of our lives are spent inside our bathrooms. So why not design and revamp our bathrooms in a way that feels worth spending every moment in? Pastel tiles? Or glass stand-alone bathtubs? Black marble? Or a white spa look? There are never enough options when it comes to upgrading to a gorgeous bathing space. From quirky bathtubs and tiles to modern toilet designs, we bring you 13 most distinctive modern bathroom designs to help inspire your next bathroom revamp.

modern bathroom designs

From stunning washroom accessories and furniture to mood changing lighting and foliage ideas, these designs will make sure your bathroom turns into a place of retreat:

Modern Minimalism:


Minimal designing and monochromatic tones are never boring if done right. Simple geometric shapes combined with hues of white or grey and a touch of decoration can change the entire mood of your bathroom. 

You can also invest in a floating vanity or a transparent bathtub. This will also give an illusion of a bigger space and add an element of elegance.


Use different coloured flowers or carnations to add to the overall mood and look of your space. These flowers will add a dash of colour to the monochromatic bathroom as well as add a homely feeling to it. But remember –  Less is more!

Pebbles to the Rescue:

This idea is for people who don’t possess an extravagant budget, nor do they need an entire remodelling. Modern bathroom designs can be created on small budgets too!

modern bathroom designs

All you have to do is to add a patch of pebbles under your vanity or your bathtub (if you have one). This small addition will ensure a complete change in the way your bathroom looks.

Such an upgrade idea will ensure that you spend less and hustle more.

Geometric Tiles:

This one is a beautiful upgrade idea if you are looking for a change in how your bathroom looks. You might have invested in the “minimalistic footprint”, but something in your gut says, “perfection is missing!”

Go for a flooring upgrade. Choose washroom tiles with geometric patterns. A hexagonal tile pattern, for example, will add a modern look to your space. Choose pearl tiles because they add a good amount of shimmer to the overall look. Combine this idea with the minimalism trend. That is all you need for a modern retouch. This idea can also be experimented on your bathroom walls.

Matte - Black Faucets:

When your walls and the flooring look good but something needs to be modernised, think about other washroom accessories. Matte – black faucets and fixtures on your white vanities can make them look so much more attractive.


This upgrade, however, cannot be successful when it comes to bathrooms that are already designed in darker hues. Adding black faucets to an already black bathroom can result in a dull ambience. This style, however, also depends on your overall bathroom interiors.

No-touch Toilets:

When it comes to modern upgrading, just the walls and floors are not enough. Upgrading includes other essentials as well. Modern bathrooms now consist of automatic water tap, no-touch toilets, automatic soap dispensers and much more.

modern bathroom designs

Adding a no-touch toilet will take your bathroom’s luxury metre up. There are so many innovative options available in the market. Choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall?

Many interior designers have experimented and have successfully installed mirrors in bathrooms that are ceiling mounted and can be used creatively with basins attached to window-mounted vanities. You can also include mirrors suspended from horizontal bars and make your bathroom look super classy.

The whole idea of mirror panes, mirrored doors and dividers are truly reigning the market right now. People are shifting from conservative designs to more open spaces and windows are an integral part of all such designs.

Open Shelves:

Make your bathroom look distinctive with this modern bathroom design idea. Replace the closets in your bathroom with some wooden shelves and let your toiletries and towels stay there on display. Add some charm to these shelves by placing flower vases and other types of decorations.


Adding a hanging shelf in place of closets can also make your bathroom look more spacious. Design a rustic wall or a wooden wall and attach a floating or a hanging shelf and see how the look changes.

Everything Marble:

Why limit the marble just to the floor when a lot can happen by using it in other places too? Marbled walls, vanities, bathtubs, flooring, countertops, etc, can make your bathroom look grand and luxurious. You can play with the colour of the marble and choose what suits the overall look of your bathroom.


Darker marble floors make your flooring look cozier. You can also choose the warm flooring technology if you stay in areas that experience chilly weather. That way, your marble will ‘not just look cozy, it will be cozy for real.’

Wall Retreat:

If you are not on a big budget, choose something as small as a wall from your bathroom and upgrade it. Facelifting one wall by adding special wallpapers, patterned tiles, hexagonal patterns, etc, can change the overall mood of your bathroom.


If you have a free-standing bathtub, use the wall behind it as your target and make your bathroom your favourite place. Another option is to put some quirky patterned tiles on the vanity wall that will complement the overall bathroom look.

Play With the Lights:

Be creative with the lighting sources in your bathroom. Windows are a great way to add some natural light. But you can also upgrade your bathroom with other artificial sources. Opt for a small chandelier or a sconce near the vanity mirror.

modern bathroom designs

Go by adding a light panel under your bathtub to give it a floating makeover.


LED light strips behind the mirrors or the partition wall can make your bathroom look stunning and well-lit. Simply adding some warm-toned lights can also upcycle the feel of your bathroom and give it a modern touch. Use colour changing LED lights that can be controlled by a button press. This way you can change the lighting according to your mood.

A Mirrored Wall:

Spice up your bathroom by an extra mile. While there are plenty of ideas out there to revamp your walls, this one is a milestone. Install a mirrored wall in your bathroom, preferably a partition wall and see how it makes you stand out of every other bathroom next door.

Your bathroom will look way more exciting and thoughtfully modernised. 

Another alternative is to add a metallic touch or paint your walls silver and amp up your bathroom to a glamorous space of retreat. The options are endless. Don’t stop that thought process just yet!

Contemporary Mirrors:

Go a little quirky the next time you go mirror shopping for your bathroom. And if you are planning to install more than one mirror, then choose odd shapes and match two together. Get creative and think “out of the box”. I mean, don’t stick to the usual round and rectangular mirrors.

modern bathroom designs

For an elevated look, use some hidden lights with your mirrors and your bathroom is ready to rock.


The market is filled with some unique and oddly shaped mirrors to rock your bathroom.

Vessel Sinks:

Your modern bathroom upgrade is incomplete without the touch of the eclectic vessel sink. Vessel sinks with golden or matte-black faucets add a bohemian and modern touch to your space. Thus, leaving it looking absolutely pristine.

modern bathroom designs

Glass vessel sinks are a lot in buzz right now. Incorporating small upgrades like this can increase the “wow” factor and make your bathroom look great with minimal additions and expenditure.

Match stainless steel, gold-coloured or matte-black faucet and other sanitaryware on the countertop with these vessel sinks to complete the look.

Wrapping Up:

Choosing the right designs and ideas is integral to any remodelling procedure and so is the efficient usage of money. Upgrading a bathroom might sound like a small thing to do but if you want to get the best out of it, you will have to sit down and brainstorm and look for all the ideas available.


Adding colourful mats or a carpet, playing with lights, using various types of tiles and wall designs, the list is endless and there will always be more options. Choose what fits your budget and matches your requirements. Be wise and go for evergreen ideas as well as durable decor options. After all, you are not planning to spend money on bathroom upgrades every year. These tips are going to be of utmost help the next time you are looking for a modern upgrade for your bath

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