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Bathroom Decor Ideas to Create Bathroom of Your Dreams

bathroom decor ideas

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Who says your bathroom can’t be a style statement for your house? It might be small in terms of space, but that’s what embraces it to incorporate some magnificent bathroom decor ideas to redefine the look.  

The bathroom is a place that gives you the liberty to craft it with some effortless bathroom decor ideas that lean with your theme. It requires only simple decor upgrades that can take your bathroom to the next level. Consolidating bathroom accessories like statement rugs, soap dispensers, Towel rails or rings, and many other embellishments can help you create a cosy bathroom retreat. See our collection of tips on some bathroom theme ideas, washroom accessories and  bathroom decor ideas.

Bathroom Theme and Decor Ideas

While deciding any theme for a place, one has many factors on the plate to consider. For bathroom themes, You can narrow down your search by considering who will be using the bathroom, the décor of your home, and of course, your vision of bathroom nirvana. According to the theme of your bathroom, you will incorporate bathroom decor ideas. There are some bathroom theme ideas listed below:

1. Classic Black and White

bathroom decor ideas

The Classic Black and white theme is never going off the trend. It comes with the sheer elegance of black and white colour palette, with the grace of patterned cement tile and black washroom accessories like freestanding tub, automated taps, rugs, soap dispenser and storage with a white background or vice versa. It gives you a vibe of royalty and class.

2. Modern Vintage Vibe


Modern Vintage is something that is always on the hook as one of the most appealing bathroom theme ideas. It embraces itself with the bathroom decor ideas of vintage mirrors,  brass fixtures, a raised sink, the colour palette complimenting the modern antique look, some plants and the background tiles that beautifies the whole look. For enhancing the look, you can add lights and drapes which have a balanced look of old school and contemporary.

3. Spa-inspired Retreat


With a balance of class and relaxation, the spa-inspired retreat theme is nothing but unwinding in its own ways. The bathroom decor ideas include white backdrop colour complimenting with colours like tranquil, wood, greens and aqua. Experience luxurious high-end spa every time you step into your bathroom. You can incorporate some washroom accessories like a blue rug with an oceanic vibe, white dispensers, some plants and lights.

4. Bohemian

bathroom decor ideas

A Bohemian bathroom decor theme is all about layering, texture, light tone, cosy and cordial. The bathroom decor idea of bohemian theme comprises every component that delivers a free spirit and warm vibe, like colourful artistic rugs and woven storages, lots of plants, lights, macrame and shower drapes.

5. All White Colour Palette


This bathroom theme idea is a pure definition of sophistication. The white base of the bathroom adds grace to the entire look. You can add simple washroom accessories either in the colours that pop in white or you can go with all the white accessories. Moreover, by keeping things on the lighter side of the spectrum, you can easily incorporate different decorative elements as the trends come and go. 

6. Bold Paint Background

bathroom decor ideas

The bold colour in the background gives your bathroom an edgy look. With the darkening shades on the wall, the washroom accessories in the white or the light tone can complement well. The bathroom decor ideas including shower curtains, stool, plants, mirror, soap dispenser and every other thing should be in a white or light tone, so they go with the aesthetics of the room.

7. Glam With Gold


Golden accessories with a tone of white and pink, can  create your bathroom into a  glamorous and luxurious space of the house. This theme confederates with the light tone walls, golden soap dispensers, taps, towel rings, storage handles give it a grandeur image and plants, lush greenery makes the place more lively. 

8. Patterned Bathroom

bathroom decor ideas

The patterned wallpaper in the bathroom gives an identity to space. A simple pattern in blue gives you a relaxed and beachy vibe, whereas a wallpaper of flowers and birds adds to its elegance.

9. Modern Minimalist Masterpiece


By combining white-on-white subway tile with chic accents like the walls in the light tone, the washroom accessories in brass or steel exposed will keep up with your running minimalist theme. You can include lots of glass and less products giving it a more organised and uncluttered look and plants so that the greens can pop out within the white background to crack the modern minimalist theme of the bathroom. 

Bathroom Decor Ideas With Washroom Accessories

The accessories enhance the overall look of your bathroom. There are many out of the box accessories that are useful as well as striking. Some washroom accessories that will make your theme more captivating: 

1. Indoor Plants


Plants emit positive energy in a room. Plants complement every kind of  background and pop out in it.

2. Colourful Rug

bathroom decor ideas

Rugs create a cosy environment. They give your bathroom a warm vibe and match with the interiors of the washroom in the most beautifying way possible.

3. Soap dispensers and holders


Soap dispensers and holders should be in contrast with the colour of the bathroom walls. There are many stylish soap dispensers and holders available in the market made of ceramic, brass, steel and even plastic. It helps you organize your products

4. Storage


We can add storage boxes or baskets or even wall cabinets that complement the theme of the bathroom. The rugs and the storage can be of the same print or colour that pop in the colours of the bathroom walls.

5. Towel Rings and Rails


Towel rings and rails should complement the designs of the dispensers and holders of the bathroom. They depict the design that is compatible with other accessories. The towel holder is more than just an accessory, it is a necessity in the bathroom, so one should note it in a priority list. 

6. Mirrors

bathroom decor ideas

Mirrors, the king of washroom accessories, its frame and the structure adds royalty to the bathroom. There are a variety of mirrors available, like Folded Corner Mirrors, Angular Double Mirrors, Mirrored Vanity, LED Lit Mirrors, Wood Framed Mirror, Brushed Metal Wall Mirrors, and even Frameless Mirror.

7. Tinge of Metallic


Adding a dash of metallic can make the bathroom feel a little fancier and more polished. Even something as nondescript as a catch-all or soap dish will do the trick.

8. Lights

bathroom decor ideas

Lights give an overview to the look of your bathroom. The bulb, chandelier, ceiling mounted fixture, wall-mounted fixture, traditional recessed fixtures and LED downlights, adds light to different corners of the bathroom.

9. Lean a Ladder

bathroom decor ideas

Introduce extra storage space for your towels in style by leaning a wooden ladder against the wall. It brings in more dimension than a traditional wall shelf and looks unique.

10. Curtains/Drape


Shower curtains also enhance the look of bathrooms with elegance. Curtains are a perennially popular bathroom window treatment for good reason. They offer privacy and light control. They come in a wide range of fabrics and if you love DIY, they are simple to make. There are even adorable no-sew curtains you can make in half a day for just a few hundred rupees.

These were some tips that can help you upgrade your standard bathroom into your dream bathroom. Remember, the bathroom is your personal space. It depicts your personality, personal choices and preferences, so you can either incorporate these tips that incline with your theme, or you can do your own experiments.

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