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Diaper changing stations- A solution to baby diapering in public washrooms

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How many times have you been on the go with your little one wriggling in your hands and have faced problems in diaper changing because there was no proper provision or place to do so

Baby diapering is often a problem for every parent who travels frequently and cannot afford to leave their babies with nannies or in child crutches. No parent wants their child to crouch on the dirty and infectious handwashing slabs of public washrooms. 

Whether it is a small cafe or a luxury restaurant, the washing slabs are often filled with dangerous bacteria that can prove to be problematic for your little ones. 

In such situations, the significance of having a baby diaper changing station in public washrooms comes to light. 

In such situations, the significance of having a baby diaper changing station in public washrooms comes to light.


These baby diapering stations are not just a reliable option but are also a saviour for parents facing baby hygiene issues every time they step out.

We know that our baby bottoms never landed on a diaper changing station and how tough it used to be for our dear moms. But undoubtedly, we do not want the same for our children.

A sneak peek in the history

I am sure you will not be surprised when I say that many mothers would simply limit their visits outside their houses just because there are no proper places for cleaning and changing baby diapers. And then in 1929,  a visionary from civil services in the US called Moses, pictured a baby diaper changing room in a public park of New York. 

That was when the entire concept of baby changing spaces came and kept evolving to turn into compact diaper changing stations for decades.

As the concept of dual-income couples kept rising, more and more babies started tagging along with their parents to work. 

Hence, every workspace needed at least one washroom with washroom accessories for baby diapering. This innovation made work and spending time with kids so much easier. It also saved the money parents would otherwise be spending on nannies or caretakers.

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Keeping the situation in mind, recently, in developed countries like the US, laws were passed to ensure every building has a baby changing station in both male and female washrooms to solve the problem of baby diapering at workspaces.

What are baby changing stations?

The name baby changing station is self-explanatory. It simply means a diaper changing station that allows space for a parent or a nanny to change baby diapers and clean any mess on baby bottoms. 

You can use them for changing the little one’s clothes as well. The presence of a baby diaper changing station becomes paramount due to its multiple drawers and shelvings where one can place their baby essentials such as a clean diaper, baby bum cream, buttock wipes, baby powder, etc.


Parents across the world have slowly discerned the importance of a baby changing station in a public washroom for baby diapering.

The British Toilet Association has made it compulsory to have one unisex baby changing station per 10,000 people using the area to address this rising  concern.


Baby diapering is something everyone comes around at least once in their life. As the world is transforming into faster paces, so are our needs. More and more people are now stepping out to work and earn. 

Therefore, every sector including restaurants, malls, tech parks, etc should have a baby diaper changing station installed. Some of the most common advantages of changing stations as an essential washroom accessory are:

Family-friendly restrooms

When you are trying to leave a lasting impression of your workspace, you want it to have everything that speaks feasibility and comfort. And hence installing a baby diaper changing station can help you reach your goals. 

Every parent is deeply attached to their newborns and wishes to serve them with the best. When you showcase concern for their child’s well-being, you are creating a stronger impact on their minds than anyone else. 

Clean and hygienic slabs

As mentioned above, washroom slabs are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

 When you opt for these slabs to change baby diapers, they become lethal for both visitors, in case the waste is littered on the washing slabs, as well as for your baby when you place them on the germ-filled slabs. 

Thus having a diaper changing station in public washrooms can save you from all such unhygienic and embarrassing situations and provide a separate space in the washroom for baby diapering, causing lesser mess and chaos.

Some washrooms also have baby diaper changing stations installed next to the water taps making it very feasible to wash and wipe while changing the nappy. Some of these stations are also made from materials such as polyethene with an anti-bacterial coating and are non-porous thus keeping bacteria on the changing stations at bay.

Easy and comfortable baby diapering

After the dual-income concept increased tremendously, many washroom facilities have agreed to the importance of a diaper changing station in both men and women restrooms. Imagine placing your child on a piece of cloth or a mat on the floor because there is no alternative available. Or buckling them in your backseat and creating an entire mess of diapers and tissue papers in your car, in your work dress. 

I know that sounds horrible! Which is why diaper changing stations in public washrooms have become a favourite go-to for many parents.

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Most of the diapering stations are wall-mounted and do not demand a lot of space. 

Your babies love to roll around during the nappy changing procedure which is why a commercial diaper changing station comes with adjustable straps to handle your little ones and prevent them from falling. Very convenient! 

Hand dryers also save the time staff would otherwise spend on keeping paper towels in place. Also, imagine an empty paper towel dispenser. It’s nothing but a bed for germs and bacteria to breed as people will leave the washroom without drying their hands or wiping them off with their clothes.

Though some research has called Jet air dryers to be a health hazard, they have not looked into all the varieties of hand- dryers available in the market. People are quickly switching to hand-dryers from paper towels at all type of places such as schools, restaurants, public washrooms, etc Though hot-air dryers might not be a perfect choice, the new variety of hand dryers are a huge hit in the market. They use the latest technology and are very efficient at doing what they are made to do.

Summing up

With families shifting to working lifestyles and dual-income patterns, it is no doubt that parents are looking for alternatives to take care of their babies along with focussing on work. 

Child- care is an expensive affair and demands for both the parents to earn to be able to meet all the financial requirements of the family.

Baby diaper changing stations are thus a great solution for all the problems parents face while taking their babies outside for longer times. Governments and public authorities are also realising the importance and needs of parents in terms of baby care and baby diapering. 

Commercial diaper changing stations offer feasibility for both- the parents and the other washroom visitors, by keeping the slabs free of baby mess and keeping the baby free of any bacteria or germs at the same time. 

These stations are also getting advanced with improvements in their material and their non-porous nature. Wall-mounted diaper changing stations are a big saviour and also provide a sufficient amount of space for placing baby essentials.


Every space like  airports, restaurants, offices, malls, etc are opting for this addition and in order to make baby diapering easy for the parents in every possible way when they are on the go.

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