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5 Reasons you need an air curtain for personal hygiene

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How many times have you found yourself enjoying that fresh gush of air from an air curtain as you  walked into a store? 

Well, these are installed not just to give you that pleasant welcome, but are  also efficient at maintaining a hygienic environment, while saving energy and keeping debris and  dust particles away. The use of air curtains is now being adopted by most retails, restaurants and  corporate spaces, as their advantages are being known and their importance is being realised.  

Usually placed at the opening over the door, air curtains create a powerful air seal and help maintain conditioned air throughout the building. Primarily, air curtains help maintain a very hygienic  environment as they filter out the unwanted particles in the air.  

An efficient and good air curtain can be the ultimate solution to your air pollution problems as air  curtain benefits are not one, but many: 

  • Air Barrier: As the air curtain gives you that soul-stirring breeze, it also does its work of  creating an air barrier or air seal, preventing most of the pollution from outside and  accelerating the standards of air quality inside the building, thus giving you the fresh,  pollutant-free experience and significantly reducing air infiltration through doorways.  
  • Bade the toxins goodbye: An air curtain is specially designed to pick up the smallest of  particles in the air, including viruses and bacteria, keeping the air fresh and healthy. This  eliminates the risk of acquiring deadly diseases, thus giving you the opportunity to a  healthier lifestyle. 

 This is also because the air curtains are made to create a protective seal by re-circulating the facility air, in a smooth flow fashion along with an open doorway, making it almost impossible for outside air to penetrate the air curtain. 

  •  Easy to clean: Air curtain installation is no hassle and they’re also usually easy to clean and maintain as they require no laborious effort. An enhanced cover is designed such that it is convenient to clean, as it does not require disassembly of its parts, assuring you a hygienic  lifestyle at all times. 

With its easy maintenance, the air curtain is the most advantageous component today in most hotels and retails.  

  • Pest control: Apart from giving you a pleasant temperature throughout the day and avoiding  sudden weather changes, the air curtain is also known for keeping all kinds of tiny insects and pests away, while allowing a smooth and unobstructed flow of people through the doorway.  
  • Energy efficiency: It is a lesser-known fact that such a device consumes less energy than most other devices, but it is true!
     Apart from redefining air quality standards, an air curtain also promotes energy-efficient solutions, as it consumes very less and reasonable amounts of energy while also fulfilling various air quality needs.  

Other than its health benefits, air curtains are being installed by most retails and hotels, as they keep the customers happy and healthy, while also cutting down costs and making a significantly noticeable reduction on energy bills. 

Fostering a clean and green environment, the air curtain does not fail at keeping the customers oh so happy, as it helps maintain the right kind of temperature throughout the store, never letting the polluted and humid air from outside to enter inside. 

And because no unwanted air can get in or out,  the temperature stays consistently and pleasantly moderate, throughout – just how you’d want it.  

Humidity is also controlled, as the air curtain allows you the cool and breezy climate inside the building, as it boycotts the hot, sticky, and humid air from outside, reducing the energy required to treat the air and improving comfort. It also increases vision, because there is no obstruction physically, which is commercially profitable to most store owners.  

It also blocks the outside air from entering inside, keeping the temperature pleasant and welcoming to everyone inside the building which is the prime solution to the ever-changing, unpredictable weather. 

Besides, it also helps filter out allergens, pollen, air-borne toxins, and even unpleasant smells, while keeping insects and pests away as it is almost impossible for them to pass through the air current of the air curtain. 

This means potential contaminants can be controlled effortlessly  (which could be highly beneficial for places like hospitals) with an air curtain, making sure you’re in the pink of your health. 

Most customers expect a clean environment (a lot more now, than before – thanks to the coronavirus), and we’ll help you achieve that! Installing an air curtain could be the smartest way to gain more customers, cut costs and also breathe fresh, pollution-free air. 

At Novatech, we understand the need for innovation and use technology to make your lives better, little by little.  

We at Novatech, as air curtain manufacturers, focus on helping you choose a healthier life, while also helping you make small efforts towards a greener and sustainable tomorrow. 

Our wide range of useful and stylish products, which are built with a futuristic approach, help promote a germ-free and clean environment. All our devices use the highest quality materials, as we aim at giving our customers the premium experience at affordable prices.

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