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Novatech’s stay safe range ensures complete safety.

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Staying safe, Staying healthy.

2020 changed everything with the advent of the pandemic. Redefining what was needed for a “normal” life, the Covid-19 pandemic brought with it, not only the deadly virus, but also paranoia and the need for extreme hygiene standards.

The importance of personal hygiene was preached globally to significantly bring down the crisis. Using products specially designed for this purpose was the only way out to promote a cleaner and germ-free environment.

Stay Safe Accessories

A designated line of stay safe accessories were launched to eradicate the fear of germs and contamination, essentially to cater to all your cleanliness and hygiene requirements

1.Automatic Taps


Every time you reach out to the water faucet, you’re contracting germs that have the potential to cause a number of diseases, because a number of unsanitized hands might have touched them before you. 

As a solution to this, automatic taps are equipped with built-in sensors that will completely avoid you from touching the faucet, thus reducing the risk of contamination. While guaranteeing hygiene, the automatic taps are convenient for a number of reasons:

  • Easy to maintain: Automatic taps do not have a handle that needs to be spun. The design is very minimalist and requires zero to very little maintenance. 

       Since there is lesser contact of wet hands when compared to traditional taps,  with the faucet, it prevents corrosion and damage.  


  • Saves water: The biggest advantage for a sustainable tomorrow, offered by the automatic water taps is that they only switch on when you need water. So you’ll not have the tap running when you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hands, saving water to a great extent. Built-in smart sensors allow the tap to regulate a sufficient amount of water and at a uniform flow. 

       According to a survey, automatic water taps can save upto 70% water.


  • Saves energy: The most beneficial feature of these taps is that they can automatically detect your hands under the nozzle and then disperse water accordingly.  

      They’re operationally different from automatic taps that use batteries to function. Their              technology allows for increased energy-efficiency at home.

2.Hand Dryer Machines 


Usually after you wash your hands, you use a tissue or a hand towel to wipe them, which might not remove all the moisture, making your hands prone to more infections. With a hand dryer, you’ll never have that problem. 

Hand dryer Machines can help you maintain hand hygiene, reducing your risk of germs very effectively. They also contribute to an eco-friendly environment as they can help save energy, as they expel the toxins out of your bathroom space.

3.Toilet seat Dispensers


Toilet seats are very helpful when it comes to maintaining good toilet hygiene. But what happens after you’re done with your business? The seat is contaminated with millions of disease-causing microbes, increasing your chances of falling ill frequently. That’s where toilet seat dispensers come to your rescue, ensuring a clean and hygienic washroom experience for the users. 

With a capacity to hold upto 250 seat covers at a time, most models are made from premium quality stainless steel that is durable and easy to maintain. They are contactless and corrosion free. 

4.Liquid Soap Dispenser

Image6Liquid soap dispensers can be so very helpful when you need enough soap for both hands. Their built-in sensors detect human skin below the nozzle and they dispense the right amount of liquid soap, avoiding your direct contact with the machine, thus avoiding contamination. It can help save your liquid soap, while also giving you maximum hand hygiene.  

5.Automatic toilet flusher 


The Automatic Toilet flusher is unique and will make your life so much easier. Its technology includes sensors that can automatically flush after you are done. This means that these devices can help you maintain hygiene and shrink your chances of contracting a deadly disease. They’re also extremely stylish and can add a touch of minimalistic sophistication to the entire look of your bathroom. 

6.Urinal Flush Sensor


A urinal flush sensor uses automatic sensor technology to eliminate cross contamination, evoking great toilet hygiene. The surfaces of urinal handles are concentrated with germs, bacteria and dangerous viruses that can spread from user to user if they are not sanitized regularly. The urinal flush sensor is a remedy to all of these issues. Its added advantages include:

  • Convenient: A urinal flush usually requires very little maintenance and it is extremely expedient. It is easy to install an automatic urinal flush and most models are non-corrosive as they are made from high-quality steel. 
  • Long shelf life: Since they require very little maintenance, they’re also long lived, which means you’ll be making a one-time purchase of something so useful. 
  • Water conservation: The urinal flush comes with sensors that are sensitive to movement, so they only flush when needed, saving water. Now this, according to us, is a really good advantage offered by urinal flushers as they promote sustainability. 

7.Fogger Disinfection Machine

Image1Fogger disinfection machines can effectively control contamination from harmful microorganisms; the fog generated from the machine can clean each and every corner of your house, leaving your personal space hygienic. It takes very less time and does not cause any side effects to a person’s health. Equipped with silver hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, the machine can kill and stop the cultivation of microbes throughout the house. 

It will get into every corner and get every little toxin out of the way, which is why it can be a great hygiene measure. 

8.Automatic Toilet Seat

Image9Automatic Toilet seats can amplify your washroom experience by taking care of all your hygiene requirements. The seat cover is a highly accessible washroom device that can be used by anyone with ease. It comes with in-built sensors that facilitate lifting the seat when you’re using the washroomand after you’re done. 

It reduces direct contact with the toilet seat, reducing your risk of contracting microbes and other contaminants that can give you deadly diseases. This is why automatic toilet seats are crucial to maintain a disease-free, healthy and hygienic environment.

With the stay safe range you’re guaranteed safety and hygiene standards as most of these accessories will help you contain any kind of disease-carrying germs, viruses, bacteria and other potentially harmful microbes. 

While also elevating hygiene standards, these accessories contribute to adding a stylish touch to your bathroom space. You’ll never have to worry about hygiene with these, because your life will become healthier and safer with these products. 

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