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Easy Bathroom Air Freshener Ideas to Fight Odours

bathroom air freshener ideas

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Having to use an unpleasant bathroom can be a total buzzkill. Even if the bathroom is visually clean and tidy, a bad smell can leave a bad impression in the minds of your guests. As the host, you must ensure that your bathroom space is as hygienic and clean as possible. You must not use any harsh chemicals for freshening up your bathroom space as they can potentially ruin your bathroom interiors and health. Instead, try the below-mentioned bathroom air freshener ideas that will leave your bathroom smelling pleasant and refreshing.

Natural ingredients to tackle bathroom odour


This product can be found very easily in every kitchen. You can cut thin slices of lemons and place them on your bathroom countertops. The lemon slices will slowly infuse with the air and give your bathroom a fresh smell. The clean scent of citrus will help in neutralising the odours of the washroom. Change the slices every week or so, in order to have effective odour control.

bathroom air freshener ideas

Baking soda

This product is known for having the feature of absorption. You can simply place a cup of baking soda on your countertop or the top of your flush tank. This product will slowly absorb the smells in the bathroom, leaving the space free of any stench. You can use one cup for over a month, post which you will have to replace it. You can also use this product to remove dirt from the bathroom floors and walls.

Essential oils

Essential oils are great bathroom air freshener ideas because their scent lasts a lot longer than any other air freshener. You can add them to a diffuser or add a few drops onto cotton balls and place them inside your washroom. They will stay for long durations of time and will give your bathroom a pleasant smell. You can get lavender or lemongrass oil since they have very refreshing smells which are not very overpowering.

Indoor plants or desiccants

Bathroom odour is created because of moisture and humidity that gets trapped in washrooms. In order to soak the moisture, you can use indoor plants and desiccants that absorb excessive moisture. Indoor plants such as ferns and lilies are recommended as they have good absorption properties. You can even use silica gel desiccants for artificial product alternatives. 

bathroom air freshener ideas


White vinegar is not only an excellent bathroom air freshener idea, it is also useful in cleaning stains in washrooms. They are one of the best housekeeping ingredients since they help in unclogging faucet filters as well. For effective results, keep a bowl of vinegar in your washroom and replace every fortnight.

Bathroom air freshener ideas

Scented candles

One of the best bathroom air freshener ideas are scented candles. Candles are great in combating the smells in the washrooms since that are made from essential oils, beeswax and other ingredients. Together, these ingredients give out excellent smells that not only make the bathroom smell good but give you a sense of calmness and relaxation. They are especially useful when you want to relax after a long day. 

Some of the best smelling scented candles include lavender, vanilla, mahogany, cider, cinnamon and papaya. These scented candles have aroma therapeutic properties that will help you get a sense of tranquility

bathroom air freshener ideas

These air freshener dispensers are great since you can install them anywhere, be it your washroom or hall. They will automatically spray a sufficient quantity of liquid at set intervals and leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. It will also make your guest very happy and delighted. 

Wall mounted air fresheners also come in various styles, colours and design. You can choose the ones that will best suit your home and bathroom decor. They are vandal-proof and safe around children as they cannot be easily tampered with. You can even use these dispensers for a long time as the air freshener inside can be refilled or replaced.


Potpourri is a home accessory that is made from dried flowers and leaves. They come with added colour and aromas and are usually used for decorative purposes. But potpourri is a great air freshener since it comes in several types of smells and scents. You can simply place a mix of differently coloured potpourri on top of your sink, or a shelf. They add a hint of elegance and aesthetics to your bathroom, but they also help in reducing bathroom odour. You can also make your own potpourri and impress your guests!

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Toilet spray

For effective odour control, you must get yourself a toilet spray. These sprays can be used around the washroom and inside toilets. If they are sprayed inside the commode, the liquid covers the top layer of water, thereby, creating a barricade. So when you flush, these toilet sprays help in reducing the stench that quickly spreads in the bathroom. 

These sprays are a relatively new concept in the market, but they are slowly catching on.


The best way to reduce moisture in your bathroom is by getting a dehumidifier. Due to a lack of ventilation, wet towels, mats, and floors, a musty smell is created in the bathroom. Other than creating an unpleasant odour, moisture can also lead to the growth of mold and mildew which can be hazardous to your health and furniture.  

A dehumidifier is an excellent addition to your bathroom as they will alleviate the staleness and stench. They come in various sizes so get yourself a dehumidifier that will best suit your bathroom.  

And there you have it! Our recommendations to fight bathroom odours. Hope these bathroom air freshener ideas have helped you understand what works for your washroom. You can further narrow down your approach to a specific air freshener, based on the size of your bathroom and other pertinent factors. For instance, if you have a small bathroom, then maybe using lemons or baking soda might suffice. But if you have a larger bathroom that is frequently used by more people, then you can opt for an automatic air freshener that will keep the bathroom fresh during all times of the day. 

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