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Washroom Fittings You Need!

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Transform your washroom with these fittings that add a touch of elegance. Whether it’s your home or a place you own, having a washroom that’s decent and stylish is a must. These fittings serve an essential purpose, they are intentionally designed to ease your washroom experience. Not only do they enhance the appeal of your washroom, but they also are premium quality products that help in maintaining proper hygiene. The charm of a bathroom can be captured from the amalgamation of its fittings and accessories. The special arrangement of all the items that fall into this broad spectrum of fittings and accessories can make your washroom experience exceptional. To refine the aesthetics of your bathroom appearance and easy utility, here is a list of essential and modern washroom fittings you need, that are designed by skilled experts.

They are available in multiple varieties and with a broad range of options, you can choose depending on how they blend with the overall theme and style of your washroom. These fittings will prove to be a valuable addition if you are aiming to remodel your washroom, or planning to give it a makeover.

Automatic Toilet Seat Cover

This can be considered an exclusive washroom device for a premium feel. It is innovative, keeping in mind the easy cleaning factor, and for maintaining proper hygiene. 

Since the pandemic has overtaken the planet, people have become extremely cautious and concerned regarding hygiene. In that aspect, this device can be proclaimed as very safe, as there is no physical touch involved in lifting the seat, it is automatically done after the detection through the sensor installed. 

This seat cover is now a highly accessible washroom device that can be easily used by anyone. It is now gaining a reputation for being a product with long shelf life and long-lasting durability.

Its compact design enables it to be installed easily in any washroom. It is suited for both private and public washrooms. 

Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

This new pioneered hygiene product is a must-have in every washroom. Public washrooms, with their repeated use and not attentive cleaning, are usually ridden with contamination from germs, bacteria and viruses.

This product ensures the utmost safety and comes in handy. The toilet seat cover dispenser helps users pull out covers to place on the seat before using the commode.

The product is made to have long shelf life and durability. It can be used without any hassle. It is designed to be compact, it can be installed in different dimensions of spaces. Its utility is assured to provide a maximum hygienic and germ-free washroom experience.

Toilet Paper Holder

Every washroom needs to have a good toilet paper holder stand. It is an essential fitting, as well as a great addition to improve your bathroom’s utility. A good quality product is protected against corrosion and rust. The device is suitable to be installed in humid environments. So they can be used in kitchens too.

Toilet paper holders are designed to be mounted on walls. They are particularly made sturdy. 

If you choose the rotate proof design, it disallows wobbling, unnecessary rotation and inconvenient dropping of toilet rolls. Their installation is very easy on walls and under cabinets.

The modern designs also ensure that the installation of new rolls is hassle-free. They are easily accessible and are suited for both private as well as public washrooms. Their compact structure allows them to be installed in washrooms of various sizes.

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Steel Grab Bar

The steel grab bar is a versatile device whose addition makes your bathroom accessible and inclusive for everyone. Depending on its design iteration, a steel grab bar proves to be advantageous and appealing in your washroom. It also has a long shelf life.

As it is regularly utilised, it is manufactured by paying special attention to the selection of the material and the design. It all makes this a vandal-proof body.

This device also plays its part in maintaining hygiene. It can be easily cleaned to keep your hands free from contamination.

It is an obvious choice for washrooms that are exclusively designed to be disabled-friendly. They are made to help those whose movement is restricted and who have difficulty standing up. 

This device is helpful to avoid unnecessary washroom accidents that are common due to slippery floors. They help in reducing user’s fatigue.

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Twin Coat Hook

Hooks are an essential and integral part of any washroom. With the right selection of the design, they can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your washroom. 

It’s an essential stylish device for storing coats, robes, towels and other things. They come in an ergonomic design for user convenience.  

It is very easily installed and assured to give your washroom a classy look.

It suits almost every type of décor complementing with the prior aesthetic arrangement. For generations now, it has proved to be a reliable, durable and hassle-free device.

The hooks that have a smooth and circular finish prevent harmful accidents. Then there are ones that blend with your washroom making it a perfect basic décor with perfection, innovation and accessibility.

The utility of this device is universal. Along with being suitable for installation in private and public washrooms, they can also be beneficial in hotels, gyms, restaurants, malls and many other places.

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Grab Bars for Toilets

The grab bars for toilets are wonderful assisting devices best suited for disabled-friendly washrooms. Their design is aimed to benefit those with mobility and dexterity limitations. People with disabilities can rely on it for assistance and safety. These grab bars are best suited for public handicapped toilets, hospitals, nursing homes, public washrooms and also private ones.

These grab bars are manufactured by giving them a rigid structure. They can be operated vertically as well as horizontally. When it is vertically positioned, accidents and collapses can be avoided.

This highly compact device is best utilized when mounted on both sides of the toilet. Their installation is easy in washrooms of all sizes. As it is an easily accessible device, it can be used by people of all ages.  

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