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The Right Way to Choose Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Dispenser for Washroom

wall mounted toilet paper dispenser

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Even though selecting a toilet roll holder for your bathroom, ensuite, or cloakroom may seem like one of the least significant decisions you’ll ever make, there are several factors to take into account. Every home needs toilet paper holders, sometimes referred to as wall mounted toilet paper dispenser, as bathroom fixtures. When your tissues are readily available, easy to distribute, and immediately accessible, organizing your environment is made simpler. But some holders are superior to others.

We’ll go over all the important factors and features to look for when shopping in this article and help you choose the best one.

Tissue Paper Holder Types

There are three types of toilet paper holders: tank-mounted, wall-mounted, and freestanding. Freestanding toilet paper holders are simple to install and don’t need to be installed. If they come pre-assembled, there are a few procedures needed to put them together, but mounting is not necessary. A toilet paper stand will take up a little amount of floor space, which could be problematic in bathrooms with limited space. A wall, the side of a vanity, or any other surface can be used to mount holders. Even though they take more installation steps, they are nonetheless popular because they are small, fashionable, and practical. Holders that are mounted to toilet tanks make it possible to store toiletries discreetly and make them easily accessible. These toilet tank holders connect over the top of the tank and are simple to install. While using the toilet, you find it challenging to reach the toilet paper roll because it is located behind you.

Why Wall Mounted Tissue Roll Holders Are Beneficial

Larger rolls of paper and more sheets cannot be accommodated in a household alternative.
They encapsulate the tissue, which protects it, keeps it dry, and avoids contamination.
By limiting the amount of tissue delivered, control of tissue dispensing systems lowers waste and expenses. These stop roll theft, as well as the annoyance and expense that comes with it.
Your guests will appreciate seeing a tidy, well-kept restroom. Having loose toilet paper rolls lying around on ledges and sanitary containers without toilet paper holders is unhygienic. Even worse, the toilet paper may drop to the ground.
The user experience has been enhanced. One of the most frequent complaints about bathrooms is that there is never enough toilet paper. By selecting the proper toilet paper holder that can retain enough amount of paper, you can prevent this from happening.

Factors to consider:

1. Capacity

Toilet paper rolls with a diameter of 4 to 4.5 inches can usually fit in tissue paper holders. Roll holders come in a wide range of styles, from wall-mounted ones for tiny bathrooms to freestanding units that can carry several rolls. Since they aren’t mounted, roll holders that stand-alone frequently have the largest footprints and occupy the most room on the floor.

If maintenance tools like brushes and plungers are still kept close by, freestanding holders might create clutter in small bathrooms. Others are suitable with a regular roll, while others require a broader design or a straightforward rod design to accommodate any size roll. Particularly when used to store toilet paper, wall-mounted or tank-mounted holders typically come in small and compact sizes. They don’t take up a lot of floor area because they mount to a surface.

Whether you’re purchasing toilet paper dispensers for a high-traffic department store restroom or a small office washroom, capacity will be a key factor. Bathroom users will run out of toilet paper if dispensers don’t carry enough rolls, and cleaners will need to regularly visit the facilities to restock the supply. On the other hand, you won’t want to purchase extra-large commercial rolls for a restroom that receives only five daily users.

2. Convenience

Toilet paper roll holders come with several practical features that make them simpler to use and load. Accessibility is the most crucial aspect of a holder; you won’t want to have to bend over and strain your eyes to reach your rolls. You should find a location in which the holder is simple to reach, suitable in height, and suitable in size.

3. Aesthetic

Even though it doesn’t have the most glamorous duty, your toilet paper holder is a prominent bathroom fixture, so you should choose a design that you like. There is a selection of materials, colors, and finishes since there is a toilet paper holder to match almost every decor style.

Smooth, neutral-toned metal holders might be beneficial in a modern bathroom, while warm-toned wood holders could be preferred in a rustic residence. For a seamless appearance, think about coordinating the style or color of the holder with other bathroom accessories like towel holders, racks, and cabinet hardware. If you would like, you can utilize the holder as an accent piece to bring personality to your bathroom; a colorful or patterned holder might be charming.

In a bathroom, a toilet tissue paper holder is certainly essential. Don’t let your guests think that you didn’t pay attention to even the smallest details.

This buying guide should assist you in making the right tissue roll holder choice for your bathroom.

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