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Tackling Toilet Smells – Effective Washroom Smell Solutions

Tackling Toilet Smells - Effective Washroom Smell Solutions

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Basic yet effective solutions to tackle toilet smells

A bathroom can smell like a spa and like a swamp just overnight and leave a strong stench of embarrassment on your image. Tackling toilet smells is an art and should be taken seriously even though you are very hygienic personally.

A smelly toilet is very hard to miss, especially when you have guests over, even if the bathroom is sparking clean and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some effective washroom smell solutions that might be handy to make your pot smell better and save you from such situations.

  1. Baking soda Scrubbing your toilet with baking soda not only cleans the toilet but also gets rid of all the odour. This white powder reacts with all kinds of dirt and mould, to give a nice shiny look and thus eliminate the smell. The only trick here is to keep on scrubbing in specific intervals.
  2. Potpourri – Potpourri is an effective way to keep the smell at its bay. Potpourri is a blend of flowers and spices to perfume a room and lock the odour. A packet of potpourri near the pot or behind the toilet seat will not let the odour reach your nose and will also smell good. Coffee is also an excellent odour repellent if potpourri is not available.
  3. Rim blocks – These rim blocks though look small and pack quite a punch. Attaching a single one to your toilet will make the odour go away. Rim blocks also act as cleaning agents. They rinse the toilet with every flush, locking the odour and also foaming the toilet for any unpleasant sightings.
  4. Ventilation – Want to save yourself from embarrassment then you need to ventilate your toilet space. Good ventilation means that there is enough air to let the odour out of that space and keep it fresh. Moist air results in mildew build-up and thus adds to the odour.
  5. Thoroughly cleaning for mould – Even though the toilet is cleaned there are a few places that are very easy to miss, like the rim of the toilet or the outlet of the toilet, where there is major mould build-up. This build-up can release smells that can be bad and unpleasant at times.
  6. Scent diffuser – An automatic battery-operated scent diffuser is a boon to mankind. Your bathroom smells nice and you don’t have to constantly keep on spraying. These diffusers spray your favorite perfume in specific time intervals, keeping the air and the mood fresh in the bathroom.
  7. No damp clothes in the bathroom – Damp clothes just like a warm shower, warms the air and gives a foul smell. If there is not enough ventilation, then there will always be humidity in the bathroom and will always smell like a laundry basket.
  8. Lemon, the wonder fruit! – There is a very simple and miracle ingredient in your kitchen itself. Lemons are known to remove bad odour and give a pleasant citrus smell. Just put a slice or 2 in the tank and it will do its magic!


– Keep your toilet space well ventilated

– Always use potpourri or lemon to absorb any bad odour

– Check for mould build-up in regular intervals

– Avoid leaving damp clothes in the bathroom

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