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Shoe Shining Machine | Model: NTSM3

Specification Description
Cabinet Stainless Steel #304
Voltage 220 V/ 50 Hz / 1Ph
Rated Power 40 W
Speed 1400 RPM
Operation Infrared Sensor Type
Time Protection 1 minute auto cut off
Cream Capacity 200 ml dispenser
Brush Brown and Black with soft and hard bristles

Shoe shining machine is made of stainless steel and operates on infrared sensors. The infrared sensor automatically starts functioning on detecting the user’s presence.
Shoe shining machine comes with superior quality rotary motors that supply polish to the brushes and the mechanism of rotating brushes assists in polishing the shoes. The high-quality soft bristles give your shoes a smooth shine that can make your shoes look new and fresh.
This product has a cream capacity of 200ml and is timed at 30 seconds auto cut off.
This shoe shining machine comes with a sole cleaner that helps in removing the dirt from the shoes. This helps to keep the sole clean and prevents the user from leaving dirt marks on the floor. The black brush equipped with hard bristles is very effective in cleaning the sole of the shoes.
This automatic product eliminates the manual process of cleaning and polishing your shoes. The automated process makes the process very convenient and quicker.Shoe shining machine is very useful to hotels, malls, airports and any corporate sector. This product is definitely a savior for last minute outings or meetings and can also be used at homes and private offices.



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